Blink of An Eye

Blink of an Eye

This week was a rough one but turned on the “refresh” button for not taking life for granted.

A dear family friend was killed in a small plane crash on Wednesday morning. Unexpected deaths like that are just shocking. Literally, he was gone in a “blink of an eye.  Can’t really say anything more than that but I’m obviously very sad about it and feel for his wife, kids, family and anyone else who was lucky enough to be touched by him. So, the blog debut is dedicated to Jeff Berger, who in a weird way made me push the button and start writing this thing. Sure, in your head, you say you are going to do something but it takes FOREVER to actually do it. I’ve probably known him over 25 years and he certainly had an impact on me. It didn’t matter how infrequent the visits were, he made a difference. He lit up the room with his smile. As a friend of mine summarized, a really nice guy who loved his mother.

The tragedy certainly made me go into my address book to reach out and touch.  That is why I am lucky enough to be leading the charge for finding people for my high school reunion. It makes you reconnect with people and then try to keep the connection going overtime.

It makes you look at people differently for a bit, anyway. You hug them a little longer. You talk to them with a little more depth and just appreciate them more.  That’s not a bad thing.


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  1. baggedemotions

    Your post is very true and inspiring post. I really hope that I can push myself to go for things without all of the procrastination. I don’t want it to take the loss of a loved one for me to actually take action, but sadly sometimes it does for some people. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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