Ice Cream Karma

Attack of the Ice Cream Machine

It had been a rough morning so I went to Jason’s Deli for a getaway lunch so I could decompress. A bonus, at a Jason’s Deli is complimentary soft serve ice cream for dessert. I have learned from previous experience to let the machine  run a little and then I restart it with my cone under there. However, today, the ice cream just shot out at me like a snake wrapping around my hand!  An excellent exclamation point to a crappy morning. I took the cone and turned it upside down into a bowl and attempted to eat it.

As I was leaving, my cell phone rang and I saw that it was my friend, Funny Bone.  He was upbeat and jovial imploring me to come see him because there was an emergency at the office, so I thought.  Clearly I  was not hearing what he was saying because there was so much noise in the background from where he was calling me. I let him know that I was off the premises and could not be there immediately.  He started to laugh and said, “Lauren, I am at Jason’s Deli, you just walked past me.”  Oh…

So I sat down with him and Red Devil, a fellow mischievous colleague,  for a few minutes of levity before I had to get back to the office.  The conversation was a bit deep so I lightened it up by sharing my experience with the ice cream machine.  Funny Bone thought it was hysterical, mocking the entire event (quite the norm for him) as if I were just a self-serve  simpleton and Red Devil scoffed at it, saying, “It wasn’t his first rodeo.”  As I got up, I warned them once again about the machine and they just rolled their eyes at my apparent ineptitude.

Not long after, Funny Bone revealed to me, at the office, that the ice cream machine that he had such mastery over had boomed at him like a cannon all over his hands and his shirt was covered in chocolate and vanilla remnants! Oh, the ice cream karma had bit him bad – a very good thing! I raised my fists in victory!

At the end of the day, he retold “his version” of the events to Blue Cowboy who just howled and then started mocking Funny Bone for assuming that I was inept at getting the ice cream on my cone when he had clearly been attacked far worse than myself.  Mockery everywhere!  We were laughing quite hard, to the point of tears coming down my cheek and my gut was hurting from the intensity of laughter.  If only all days could bring that kind of gut-grabbing laugh and levity!

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  1. Okay….funny stuff and I like the pseudonyms. Just a reminder… Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not! ~Author Unknown

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