Grocery Shopping with Groucho

I’m the Customer, You Give Me What I Want!

Last night, I dashed out to Jewel to pick up a few things. As I waited to check out, my ears perked up because an angry older man was ahead of me reaming out the check out lady because of  a recent story that hit the press regarding the possible elimination of double bags.

She patiently waited for his attack on her company to end so she could politely point out the facts.  He didn’t give her a chance and continued going off on her.  You know he felt good doing this  because he is the customer and the “customer is alway right” but I thought it was incredibly obnoxious.

If you want to make your point, do so with brevity, there is no need to go on for ten minutes and say the same thing ten different ways.  Oh, and Groucho made a great exit.  He couldn’t figure out how to put his credit card in the slot.  So, suddenly he softened and asked for help.

Is it so hard to bring your own bags when you go grocery shopping these days?  That poor check out lady was so flustered that she double charged me for my items and she looked like she was going to cry.  I have been yelled at like that before, by customers, I know it can take a bit to recover. The right thing to do is laugh it off and view the exchange as entertainment but sometimes it is hard to shake it off.

I believe that many customers take advantage of the motto that the “customer is always right.”  You should be respectful with your customers, that is correct.  However, customers have accountability, too, and should behave. If employees are being treated well by the employer, customer service would not be an issue. The secure and happy employees would treat customers well – out of habit.

Empathy would be a good thing from both sides.  Besides, there is so much stress in the world right now. Yelling about a double bag seems like a waste of energy given the bigger issues going on…


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  1. Great story, thank you for sharing it with us.

    I feel bad for the cashier that had to deal with this. But, like you said unfortunately people have been told to put on blinders and believe to the letter “the customer is always right”. Which in this case was very WRONG.

    But, I wish him nothing but the best and i am a firm believer in Karma. What we send out will return to us three fold. So Irate Jerkie Boy, enjoy your 2 cents of fame because what is coming back to you will probably be a quarter of trouble.

  2. “Say the secret word” tu Groucho?

    He has a lot of excess BAGgage…….paper or plastic.

    spread the humor:

  3. Nice observation…just some fine points around the quote “the customer is always right”…this comes from Marshall Field himself and is always a little misquoted…he said ““Right or wrong, the customer is always right.” So the disconnect comes when folks on the front lines of customer interaction believe that sometimes the customer doesn’t get it…the fault is not on the customer but on those communicating the news/policy poorly. The real reason that it matters is another quote, this from Sam Walton – “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

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