The Typing Phantom

Taunted by Typing Fever!

I don’t get it. Whenever I have a creative surge and start typing with intensity, some part of the keyboard pushes my fingers and either deletes a word or changes the tense!  Is it just me?! Perfect example. I KNOW I just typed “it” and when I looked it‘s gone. Where did “it” go?!

Imagine that,you are typing some witty comment on another blog and all of a sudden… just as you hit send…you see the error and you scream, “NO!!!!!!”  But, alas, it is too late.

You can’t delete the comment! You can’t change it! It’s not Facebook! You have no power.  You cringe, you hide under your laptop, you sweep your floor; completely mortified!

You just hope your fellow blogger catches the grammatical gaffe, hits the quick edit button, and you go on with your blogging day!



Posted on March 29, 2011, in Rant and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. welcome to the wonderful world of technology… guaranteed to give you a Homer Simpson moment of Doh at least once every now and then to show you whose da boss…lol

    • Mirko, clearly, I am not the boss! But, maybe, I should thank my keyboard for coming up with the creative words it comes up with every now and then! Maybe they are supposed to be typed that way… 🙂

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