Smash Mockery


Smash Captured a Sunny Side Up Moment at the Office

Sunny Side Up


Tomorrow is April Fools Day.  I just left the office, and Dutch was setting up a prank for tomorrow.  It was a great way to end the day because, again, I was laughing really hard.  Dutch and levity go hand in hand. We have many good memories conjuring up our “levity” for Monday morning meetings.

Lately, I’ve had a surge of nostalgia hit me.

Up until now, Funny Bone has received the most attention in  this blog for his self-declared ability to spout witticisms and you shall see him again on here as he earns a spot just about every day. I assure you.

However,  before Funny Bone, there was Smash.  Smash and I go back at least five years. He seems to have matured but I’m sure he is probably just faking me out.

A couple of years ago, I was perusing Smash’s Facebook page and saw a familiar image of  a girl with a sunglasses hair clip. I was stunned that someone else had that hair clip.  You can imagine my giddiness and horror to learn that it was me!

It had been on there for three weeks before I figured it out.  He was surprised that I hadn’t acknowledged the photo before and thought that my delayed response was almost funnier than the photo.

I was horrified at first, but, now as I look back it conjures up a wonderful moment in time.

The fact that Smash was lurking somewhere in my cube, unbeknownst to me, taking a photo of my sunglasses hair clip and took the time to memorialize the moment on his page, is quite a compliment.

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