Blue Shirt Tranquility

Color Me Calm

In the winter of 2007, I had a close friend of mine from college, pass away. Back in college, Heidi made it very clear that her favorite color was red. She had a red folding chair in her residence hall room, always wore red in some part of her wardrobe and was beyond passionate about Indiana University.  In fact, she almost transferred to IU for junior year, but thankfully for us, she stayed.

Her husband asked that we wear red at her funeral to pay homage to her.  I thought that was such an amazing idea.  While red is definitely not my best color, at least I don’t think so, I found what I could and even had a  bright red bag.  When I got to the service, there was red everywhere. It was beautiful. Heidi would have been thrilled.

As an experiment,  the following spring, I  distributed the office’s calendar with the subliminal message to wear purple, blue, or green on my birthday. It was pretty intense that day when I found out that people were doing it!

It was a sea of blue or purple shirts with lavender or blue ties mixed in with green anything.  It was such a calming vision and to this day, I still find myself  equable when I see a blue shirt or tie floating around the office. My only regret is that I did not capture that memory on film because I was incredibly touched.

Since that day, it doesn’t matter what the day is, I will thank anyone I see wearing blue, purple. or green. No joke…

In fact, last year during my birthday week, I was saying thank you frequently. Finally, on the day of my birthday, it hit me…that they were doing it on purpose all week.

The tranquility of seeing Funny Bone, Smash or Blue Cowboy in a blue shirt,  or Baby Face or Rookie wearing a lavender tie or green anything has no logic to me. But, I guess I don’t care.

If people know that I like the colors and take the time to wear them and it happens to make me beam, then I guess that is all of the logic that is required.

Perhaps, a part of me thinks of Heidi, too, for giving me the inspiration to have my daily canvas painted in shades of  lavender ties, blue shirts, or green anything.

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