Laundry Room Brawl

Brawl in the Laundry Room?!

(flashback to.three weeks ago)

Part of my riveting weekend ritual is spending quality time getting my wardrobe clean for another week of adventure.  I had sort of slept through my “designated” laundry time so I thought I would sneak it in last night after dinner.  I checked out the  room after I got home from some yummy sushi and was thrilled to see the room was mine.

So I dashed back up to my place to get my clothing and ran back down…could not have been more than two minutes.

I get to the room where the light is now on…and I could hear running water as the washers filled up.  I see a 13-year-old in there just throwing his clothing in the washers.  I just stood, outside the room, shaking my head. He looked at me with confusion (as many people do) and opened the door for me.

I put my head down because my laundry spirit had been crushed. I quietly said, “it was two minutes…” and picked up my soap and moped off to the other laundry room which was…EMPTY!

Oh, how my squeaky clean spirit was restored in an instant!  My quality time with the laundry room had not been thwarted after all.

Today’s life lesson? Sometimes it is okay to sleep in because you can still get everything done and that is very encouraging…

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  1. Loved it and a good lesson learned.

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