Wiffle Ball Wonderland

The other night I had a major case of  creativity entrapment. The next day, Funny Bone gave me one of his “Never Let Someone Get In Your Head” pep talks which was right on.  But, I blogress.  Blogress, by the way, is a “Laurenism” for blogging and digressing simultaneously.

Now, back to my moment of writer’s block. So I dusted off my creativity book that I put together while I was in high school and college.

This creativity-charged session transported me back to the summer after high school graduation. I had spent many a day listening and watching my neighbors (two brothers) play spirited games of wiffle ball.  Back then, my observations morphed into what is below…


There he is,
With his wiffle bat and ball
Nobody to throw to
Except the garage
Or the tree
Nobody will throw it back
He is alone

Dents in the garage door
Obvious reminders of play
Happiness in determining a strike zone
Times were good then
Nobody is alone
Each day one bro waits for the other
To come home and throw the ball
Enjoyment at its finest
All because of plastic

Green grass, a brown garage
Lawnmowers a glow
A basketball rolling on the ground
A box that is blasting
People exchanging a ball that goes zzzzz
Nobody is alone

Ryne hit a double
The neighbor is pleased
He grabs his bat and hits the trees
Can I be like that?
He wonders
Get a bat that is made of those trees
And then we will talk

The end is here
Nobody is alone
Except the bat and balls
For the players are off to college
Learning of new inventions
The Wiffle ball Game of their kids’ generation

I wasn’t sure if I had shared this poem with the two brothers so I wrote them on Facebook to ask them.

The older brother immediately wrote back asking me to send it.

I did.

After reading it, he wrote back, “…awesome!”

How remarkable is it that technology allows you to have that kind of immediate gratification?

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  1. Mark Richardson

    Lauren, I just posted the poem on my little blog. I like it a lot!


  2. I agree…awesome. I think you have missed your calling.

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