It’s Hard to Have the Blues with 500 Views!

I started writing this blog 23 days ago and today the Rein Rant N’ Rave celebrated 500 views!

I am riveted that you are riveted enough to read this blog and can say with complete confidence that I haven’t a clue as to who is reading this.

I want to give a shout to two people.  Well, three.  No, really, four. Yes, definitely, four.  But, shouldn’t there be five?  One for each hundred? Perhaps it will come together as I write…

* Mark Richardson, my Wiffle ball superstar neighbor of yesteryear, posted my poem on his blog just as I posted it on here.  That was a crazy moment of synchronicity and it was fun. Yes, a home run of fun!

* Sugar Bear, he is a new character on here, gets props for being a huge supporter.  Known as a motivation manager around the office, I can truly appreciate the value of the “blog booster” so for that I say thanks for the kick in the pants you gave me just now! The creativity is flowing. My focus is back… Now, where was I?

* Rookie gets a high-five from me today, for two things.  1) He wore a beautiful blue tie today and 2) He was SO curious to find out what Funny Bone had done, this time, so he visited the blog to get me my 500 views!  I wish 500 balloons had fallen from the sky when he clicked on my URL but be assured the appreciation is that level of hot air.  And that’s a lot of hot air but brother, it is sincere!

* Funny Bone. What would a post be without him? Ironically, I don’t have much to say about him on this post. That’s not true, he willed my water bottle to lash out at me today. I know he did.

I was opening up my delicious bottle of carbonated water when the bottle went bonkers all over me like an out-of-control lawn sprinkler.  Funny Bone was walking by as I said that I felt like my soul had just exploded and he shook his head and laughed as he walked off.

Nonetheless, he has stirred up a bit of curiosity on here. So I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that he asked me to be his agent.  I give him props for having impeccable taste in agents…

Of course, once Blue Cowboy sees this, he will probably FLIP! I can see him responding with his take on this now, “Funny Bone doesn’t need an agent, Funny Bone isn’t even funny! I am the funny one who needs the agent!” But, I blogress. Like I said, not much to say about him today.

Now, I know what you are thinking, why haven’t you thanked me? It’s like those good-bye letters you get at work. You always feel insignificant if you are not being called out in them. I appreciate that, trust me, I do.  Consider my nickname for you right now as “you“.

So, know that I am thanking you right now!  You have been called out for your kindness and can feel the hug of my appreciation.

For added assurance, I just injected myself with a huge shot of  “witativity” (yes, that’s right, another “Laurenism” – wit and creativity) and am waiting for that to kick in… Please hold; it may be awhile!

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  1. Congratulations! I bet you reach your next 500 even faster.

  2. You’re famous girl! 500 views and no stop in sight. Me and Smash are proud!

  3. I am the BEST !!!

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