Good Chat!

Good Chat!

Below is a text I sent my friend earlier today. It took a really long time to formulate this with my two thumbs so I took breaks. Okay, just kidding.  Side note:  Koosh Ball was upset that he didn’t get a shout out in my thank you post the other night. He said he was boycotting me, even though, I thought “YOU” pretty much had everyone covered.  He said I talk about Baby Face, Blue Cowboy, Funny Bone, Rookie, and Smash, but where is his day in the spotlight? At any rant, here I go.

I LOVE your cell phone because it gives us a chance to “converse” at any moment in time.  Maybe it’s just to say hi , send a quick witty slam, or encouraging pep talks.

It allows us to document our thoughts instantly and transport people to where we are at that moment with the photos that it takes. And, of course, one can have conversations anywhere at anytime. So cell phones are an amazing invention. If we didn’t have cell phones, I am confident my communication with some people would not exist. Immediate gratification can be a great thing.

While technology has given us so much, this is why I HATE your cell phone. Sometimes I get really frustrated when I cannot have a genuine conversation with someone in person. Oh, and the person is right in front of me. Now, granted, we must assume that the person is capable to converse, in the first place. But, I blogress.

Do you remember this exchange?  We were talking and  each time I was in mid-sentence, the phone vibrated.  The text, email, or phone call was more interesting. EVERY TIME!

First time was no big deal. I always knew there was a cell phone addiction issue…

Second time was kind of amusing.  But seriously, when did you turn into Ferris Bueller?!

Third time, irritating to no end as smirky grin erupts at the sound of the vicious vibration…

and the fourth time I was about to take that cell phone and gently toss it into a sewer!

Then I thought to myself, how often have I ruined someone else’s conversation because I had just sent a text? So, I get it, that cell phone that gets all of the attention has come through for me and has to be around.  Without it, there would be silence.

Yet, what happened to the days of not having to text someone to get feedback on something?  Who knew that genuine one-on-one conversations would be so rare? It seems that you always want to be talking to people who aren’t in front of you. But then when they are in front of  you – you are staring at your phone, thinking whom else can I talk to?  The distraction factor is huge.

Technology has made some of us forget how to “talk” to each other. When I do hear people “talking” on the cell phone, the conversation can be something as moving as  this:

“What are you doing?”


“Cool, sounds neat.”

“Good chat.”

Time passes. What’s that? You say you want to talk?  I dare you!

Rant over…


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