Nebulous Glow Show

Lit Up Clouds

27 Days * Kissing 700 Views * Lots of Rain

As I listen to the pouring hail?! on this spring?! evening, it takes me back a to the above photo that was taken by me  in October 2008.  Now, let me stop you, I realize October is not in the spring! But I also realize these clouds are really fascinating to look at. It’s raining and nebulous glows tend to be present during this type of weather.

I love the marshmallow-like quality of the clouds and how they are backlit by the blue in the sky. It looks so calm yet you know there was a crazy storm before this photo was taken.

Perhaps, those clouds could  represent all of my voracious readers who patiently wait until some creation magically pops out of my head and gets translated via keystrokes onto this Blog.

Is it possible some reader has a cat? And the cat just dances on my Blog all day increasing my view count?

Or maybe, there are some toddlers lurking about and they are uncontrollably taken in by the vivid colors so the count keeps going up?

Maybe the characters in my Blog, out of respect to me, force all of their family and friends to read it. But. maybe the characters don’t actually read it themselves.  

My other theory is that people at work throw their stress balls up and down and play catch with their neighbors at certain times, for levity breaks – maybe sometimes the stress ball bounces onto the keyboard where my Blog was strategically placed as a Favorite, unbeknownst to them, and it keeps pulling up my Blog….

Probably not.  

By the way, I just want to let you know that I vow never to use “LOL” on here.  It’s not that I find fault with anyone who uses it but to me, it means “Lots of Lauren” and that would make me seem really arrogant if I kept referencing myself after every funny statement.

At any rate, I shall continue to dig into my creativity chest and find some witticisms to make your visit worthwhile!


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