Which Character Makes Me Type A Post Without Even Trying?

Oh Brother…
I had a conversation with one of my characters today, who confidently declared that HE was the reason that people keep coming back to my blog.  Maybe.

I’m not going to lie. My characters are real people and have HUGE egos. Whoever wins this poll will probably say to me in the following order:

a) I told you so.
b) I always knew I was your favorite but now I am everyone else’s too.
c) Kisses his own biceps and says, “Gotta Love These Guns.”
d) Asks me to hold a mirror for him and then smiles admiringly at the reflection looking back at him and says, “Wow, I really am good-looking.”

But, the way I see it is I have five major contenders for top billing here and I want to know, who should get the attention going forward? I mean, other than the attention he is clearly giving himself?

Who has riveted you to the point where you are actually curious and want to hear more? Trust me, they ALL give me material and all are endearing to me on their own individual merits.

Maybe you just like the sound of the name.

Maybe you are just so eager with anticipation, hoping that one of these characters will grace another post so that you can be entertained, once again. I feel your pain.

And, I assure you, regardless of who the winner is, they all tie in my book! But, hey, the people have spoken and the floor is now yours. You may have to look back at some of my posts to make an educated vote.  May I suggest some obvious posts to bring you up to speed?

Ice Cream Karma

Smash Mockery

Blue Shirt Tranquility

It’s Hard to Have the Blues with 500 Views


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