Post Poll Partum

I just watched the last episode of “The Office” and it struck a nerve and now my post has been hijacked by images of  Michael charged with emotion and pain. Scenes like that are happening in offices all around the country.  In the good news category,  I couldn’t help but notice that Dutch, Smash, Blue Cowboy, and Funny Bone were all wearing blue shirts today…and Rookie had a great blue tie and the day before I saw Koosh Ball Blue in this blue tie/shirt combination that just popped! But, enough about color therapy.

The last two days have been full of character antics and blue shirts. Here are some of my favorite moments.

#5 I told Baby Face about the poll and he just smiled bashfully and looked down…comparable to his vote count which is VERY down! I assured him that just because his vote count was zero does not mean that I think of HIM as a zero.

#4 Dutch found out about the poll and said, “I’m going to win this thing, easy.”…Can’t win if you don’t vote. I think he’s still trying to find the link.

#3 I was talking to Smash and alerted him to the reality that he was in my poll and he responded, I’m not surprised. I’ve been a big deal since I came out of the womb.”

#2 Blue Cowboy sauntered about the office with his fingers in his belt loops professing his brilliance. If I had a piece of hay to insert in his mouth to complete the image for you, I would.  I sat down with BC today to break to him that he was getting crushed by one of the other characters in the poll. It went like this:

Don’t even tell me…Funny Bone probably voted for himself. I don’t want to hear about it!  His brother voted for him, too, I bet.”

He was really agitated. Yet, he had no ability to go vote for himself. But, seriously, how can I feel sorry for someone who challenges me to create a voting poll but then he doesn’t even bother to vote!

#1 During the past month, I would let Funny Bone know that I had added a post (good chance he was in it) and each day, he would say, “I meant to look but I forgot.” Or, my personal favorite: “Your posts are like dessert, I need something to look forward to but I haven’t eaten yet.”

Yesterday, I was ready for another round of deception. However, he was transfixed. He kept gazing at his monitor as if he had found his new best friend.  His eyes kept rolling down the screen with incredible focus. Amused, intrigued, and soaking in all the words…




Funny Bone wins an all-expense-paid -by -HIMSELF trip out of the country for two weeks! Yay for him; but what the hell am I going to write about while he’s gone?! Surely, we have all been through S.A.W.-  Smart A$$ Withdrawal.

He also is charged with having to think about me anytime he sees a blue shirt, avocados, or someone tripping in a very embarrassing manner since I won’t be there to do it for him!

The best part?  He has secured a spot as contributor on this blog. When he actually cashes in on this power, this should be very amusing. Oh brother…


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  1. We need a recount…

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