1000 Views: Was It You?

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all the people who clicked on this blog willingly, under duress, or by accident to get me to this milestone so quickly!

* T0 my 6 Riveted Subscribers:  Yes, that’s right, I have 6 subscribers! Thank you for giving me the courtesy click when I write a post.  I would not have passed 1000 if it were not because of you. It brightens my day to think that you read this thing.

* To my Facebook friends who unintentionally click on here;  or maybe you actually like coming here and haven’t told me; I would not be here without you!

* To my secret supporter who chooses to remain anonymous (and threatened blog boycott if I said his name) but clicks on my blog, every day, by accident or by intent, just to make me feel viewed; it is not unnoticed!

* To the hungry people who keep googling Jason’s Deli or Jason’s Deli Ice Cream and they keep having to read about Funny Bone and Ice Cream Karma…I thank you for liking ice cream and hope that you are more educated at dispensing self-serve ice cream as a result of reading that post.

* To those poor misdirected readers who are looking for glow in the dark wiffle ball or any  information on wiffle ball and get a poem about the sport written for two brothers, instead, Oops!  Thanks for the hits! Bad pun, not sorry!

* To those people who are looking for pontoon boat shirts and get to read about me being thrown into the water by my funny co-workers in the post, Pontoon Boat Splash, that must have been uncomfortable for you!

* To the people who google “good chat” and have to read a very long text sent to a friend about the challenges of having genuine conversations in this technological age, I hope you learned the lesson!

*To my unknowing blog mentor, The Good Greatsby, you have been very inspirational and your posts crack me up constantly, thank you! Please see blogroll for direct link to the laugh track.

* To my “characters” who have ridiculous busy schedules but still find the time to humor me and go on here.  What can I say? I offer a sincere thank you for getting me to write again. Your ridiculous antics are great fuel to get my creative energy flowing, so thank you so much.

The poll closes at 12:13pm tomorrow (Thursday, April 28)  for most fascinating character.  Funny Bone already won round 1 and has been deemed blog hero/star and gets to be a contributor on the blog. He was so overwhelmed when I told him that he won that he is leaving town for a couple of weeks to build his fan base abroad.  Blue Cowboy insisted on a re-count. Smash, oblivious that this is even happening, is currently winning.  I’m nervous but hope you, the riveted reader, will take the time to vote for whichever character drives this thing,  I mean, other than me.

Thanks for spending time with me.


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  1. baggedemotions

    This is the first time that I’ve come across your blog and I am def coming back for more. Really nice of you to thank your viewers 🙂

  2. I’d like to thank you all for voting for me… It means a lot and i also would like too thank my compitition for not being very likable. Its is clear now who is the most likable person in the office…. Thank you all again.

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