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Cubs, Beer, & Giggles

Last Thursday, I had my last day with my office in Arlington. We were at a rooftop “watching” the Cubs play the Mets.  I use the quotes around the word watching because I have no clue as to what happened in the game.  The weather has wet and cold so most of us were congregating in the indoor bar. 

Blue Cowboy was his usual cordial self giving me a pep talk on how to handle my new office.  Dutch was cracking me up as he did his various impersonations that were “spot on”.  Funny Bone, well, hasn’t been very funny lately. He hasn’t been that funny since he came back from his two-week all-expense trip paid by himself. Hopefully, he will make people laugh again.  I’m sure the profound depression he is experiencing from having me leave has unconsciously dampened his ability so amuse.  HA!   Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Reaches Out and Touches

Back in April, I wrote a post called, “Good Chat”.  It talked about the pros and cons of technology. Well, today, I felt like my friend in “Good Chat”.  My phone was vibrating all day – and it was awesome!

There are times when I “mentally check” out of Facebook. I think it happens to all of us.  There is just too much going on.

But, there is one day a year that Facebook never lets me down.  In the end, it is my friends who are brightening my day because they are taking the time to send me a birthday wish by writing on my wall. Read the rest of this entry

Sterno Flips His Lid!

Last week, I diligently paid homage to all of my colleagues and some of them protested about their nicknames. I spent so much time making sure each name made sense and even wrote out a character guide that helped me keep track who I was writing about.  In my infinite wisdom, I accidentally deleted the guide so now I am left to scratch my head to figure out what I called people.

The funny thing is that everyone always brings up Funny Bone and thinks they are Funny Bone.  I don’t blame them, being funny is a great gift and who wouldn’t want to be a blog hero?

I feel like I should clarify some of my nicknames so I don’t offend my devoted fan base. I shall now douse the flame on any confusion. Read the rest of this entry

The End of An Era

This week, in particular, I have been touched by people’s kindness. We all thought that today, Friday the 13th, was going to be my last day at work. Little did any of us know until very recently that I would be transferred downtown to a new role that I applied for instead!

One example of kindness was when Smash made good on a bet from last fall.  I couldn’t believe it when I walked into the meeting room, this week, and he handed me $25!  I believe that to be very stand up! I love my mojo right now!

Smash also impressed me when he let me have a photo taken with himself and Baby Face.  Collector’s Item!

Another touching moment was a thoughtful gesture led by Blondie who got her entire team, Grin Girl, Perky, Cocoa, Chaz, Rookie, Spanky, Shy Guy, and Smurf, to pitch in and get me a going away gift last week.  I had never been so excited to see a lotion called “Moonlit Path”; it smells really good, too!   This past week, I have walked past people and said, “Smell me, don’t I smell great?!”

Grin Girl came up to me with a sweet letter from a group of people who I worked with closely. I was pleased to see a frame that read, “Me and My Crew” with a photo of Cocoa, Young One, Wittina, Shy Guy, Smurf, Suavy and Grin Girl inside.  That is very thoughtful and appreciated.

Although I am staying with the company, I am switching offices. This means that my interaction with some of my characters will be greatly reduced! Each and everyone in my office has had an impact on me and I will truly miss the camaraderie and the laughter sprinkled in amongst all the chaos!  I’ve spent 13 years in this office – an era has ended.
Here are some poignant moments that stand out in my mind:

  • Trying to read Bubble Writer, Shy Guy and Cheerio’s handwriting! Shy Guy’s “5 looks like a “3” and vice versa.
  • Watching Hercules, Purple Thunder, Koosh Ball, Suavy, Mr. Brady and Sterno leave for lunch at 10:00!  But, I can one-up that. I was throwing out lots of stuff from my cube into a big dumpster. I didn’t mind the workout but I turned around and they were all just sitting in the car watching me.  What happened to chivalry, people?!!
  • I’ll miss studying race picks at the track with The Invisible Man.
  • I’ll miss announcing on the intercom that Suavy gets to spend quality time with me at my desk.
  • I’ll miss all of the people who I have called in a panic on their cell phone only to hear them laughing because they were a few feet away from them when I called.
  • I’ll miss my communication sessions with the Town Crier. Every day, I would walk by him and he would ask, “Did you find a job yet?”
  • I’ll miss watching Homer pace between Dutch, Blue Cowboy, and Chatty Starbucks’ offices and not get to actually speak to any of them!
  • I haven’t seen much of Party Girl lately but she always cracks me up, so I’ll miss her, too.
  •  I’ll miss seeing Charlie Brown each morning embrace his cup of coffee and start the day with a smile.
  • I’ll miss having lunch with Gidget, Curly, Wittina, Young One, Chiquita and Sweet Pea in the break room.
  • I’ll miss seeing Ward Cleaver’s apologetic expression as he informs me that the color copier is malfunctioning, once again.  But, may I confess, I will NOT miss that color copier at all!
  • I’ll miss Dutch greeting me as “Sparky” in the morning and “Boss” by the time he leaves.
  • I’ll miss Chatty Starbucks fuming that she had to take a picture of me and someone else a couple of weeks ago and then, today, when I went to have our photo taken, she said that we already had plenty!
  • I’ll miss hearing On The Go and Manscape tell each other how impressed they are with their good looks.
  • I’ll miss giggling with the Funny Bone and Blue Cowboy as they attempt to outwit one other as soon as I walk into the room. Come on, boys; thump those chests!
  • But the most amusing quote of the week was when Blue Cowboy conceded, “as long as you communicate with Funny Bone, you will always have material for your blog.”

Thank you for entertaining me and filling my memory bank with wonderful moments!  Smash came up to me to give me a good-bye hug, today, and I said, “see you on Monday.” He looked back at me and said, “I take back my hug!”

A Donkey, Beer, and Memories

In the good news category, while typing earlier, I heard my “y” key snap in place! I was giddy! Imagine what I couldn’t write about without my “y”.  Funny Bone would have to be Goof Bone and  Baby Face would be Immature Face and that would be wrong.  I thank the computer deity that was watching over me today that allowed my “y” to get back in synch with my typing.

The past few months, memories have been flooding in about some wonderful work outings. One that came to mind is an outing that occurred in our parking lot at our old office. It was an easy commute!  I can’t remember if we had a car wash, the washers being losers of a contest and a dunk tank or just a dunk tank.

Somehow, I was lured into the tank. I can only imagine that it was very hot out because there was no other way that I could be suckered into sitting on that plank!

Many people wanted me to take a dive, I assure you.  One, in particular, Napoleon kept throwing the ball and missing by a large margin. In fact, he could have closed his eyes and would have made it closer to the target. I was mocking him as only I could do in a situation such as this one.

The more I mocked, the more pathetic his toss was.  I could have sat there all day, chortling at this guy’s lack of aim. In fact, I was close to asking for a nail file  and polish so I could fix my nails while this guy was throwing.

Understand, the irony in this.  While I am a good tennis player, my accuracy in throwing items is questionable at best. In fact if you are standing to my left or right and I am throwing the person directly in front of me, you better run…fast!

Napoleon was not taking the public ridicule well (from everyone) at all.  In an instant, Napoleon rushed the tank and mouthed, “you’re going in” as he approached the target and pummeled it with his fist and down the plank, I sank!

I took a bath because of someone else’s wrath!

So…this picture kind of reminds me of Napoleon that day….Enough said.

Who Do You Think Of?

Tell Me Why…

Dear Devoted  and Riveted Beyond Words Fan Base! I have missed our wordplay sessions.  I know I have been quiet this past week. The top thing on my mind shall be revealed by week’s end but something weighing heavily is my keyboard has been thwarting me.

That’s right.  My “y” key is misbehaving. Sometimes I press the key  and “y” appears and other times, it is shy and doesn’t want to participate. Do you know how hard it to type riveting information in free-write form when “your” comes out as “our”? It can change the whole story!  Why, “y”, are you doing this to me?!

Another thing that has been bumming me out is the reality that people have taken my information and put it on their websites and acting like they wrote it.  Am I wrong to think that is very uncool? The Rein Rant N’ Rave Umbrella is supposed to protect me from things like these.  

One of my friends, Good Cheer, said she has been reading the blog but a) felt left out and b) had a hard time following it because she didn’t know who the characters were.  I reminded her that there are two things you have to remember with this blog.  1) Read it backwards so you can figure out what is happening.

Understand, that does not mean to take your laptop and turn it towards the mirror and read it.  It means read the first post and then keep going.

2) The whole point of the characters was to NOT know who they are, to give it some mystery.  People who aren’t at work can still get an idea of what these people are like based on their nicknames and what has been written about them.   On the flip side, some people are scratching their heads wondering how can you NOT know who these people are!

I know I could write a character sketch of each one but then where would all the fun be??

Blue Cowboy assured me that he is working hard on creating his debut post for May 13.  The blog community is beyond excited waiting to see what words will come out of this guy!

In other news, my subscription fan base has grown!  Thank you for taking the time to sign up. I know it’s not easy. In fact, I can’t believe how hard it is to subscribe!  I watched one of my friends do it.  Here is a play-by-play.  In case you tried and failed, I can understand how, trust me!!

a) Type in fortunate email address under the Subscribe header and hit enter.

b) Click on the confirmation link that will immediately get sent to the fortunate email address.

c)Check  the box next to Rein Rant N Rave and hit apply or update.

DONE.  Now, let the fun begin as these riveting posts get placed in your email box, moments after they are published! You have just given yourself the gift of free entertainment!

Blog Hero Flees Country!

Thursday’s amazing surge rendered me speechless.  The Blog got 113 views that day, an all-time high and the blog star poll enthralled much of the Rein Rant N’ Rave Region! To my 3 new subscribers who over exerted themselves to get a notification email about new posts sent to their junk email account (in a bit of irony, the email will be promptly deleted and  therefore the post will not be read which was the whole point)  to appease me, does it get any better than that?!

From out of nowhere, Blue Cowboy ran away with the victory and is now deemed BLOG STAR!  Smash, who could not be more disengaged from this Blog, finished 2nd. In 3rd place, the dejected Funny Bone promptly packed his carry-on bag and fled the country!  He was out of sorts by this loss and genuinely shocked. 

He wanted me to add an editor’s note that he is not a muse; he is a hero….NOTED.  A hero who finishes last in run-off polls but I digress. Secondly, he most definitely did not tumble-down the hill as my “Taking the Plunge” post may have mused, I mean, “heroed”, no, IMPLIED. Oops…see how easy it is to use the word muse, it just flows…

Back to our  RIVETING BLOG STAR….BLUE COWBOY!  He is under much pressure this week to be extra witty and kind since a) Funny Bone fled the country b) Chatty Starbucks is on a business trip c) On The Go is out-of-town  d) Manscape is on a “special trip”.  Everyone is out of town except for Blue Cowboy!

PS, I just threw in the extra characters in so they will stop feeling left out! On The Go is at so many sports events, I don’t even know how he would notice that he wasn’t mentioned here but he always has time to read the Blog! Chatty Starbucks has to  juggle her Blackberry and her extra hot latte drinks – no time to check out a blog for omissions, right?!!  Just kidding, Chatty, we all appreciate you! 

Speaking of love, back to Blue Cowboy, will his shoulders be able to bear the burden of  all of those absences? What does he win for being BLOG STAR? 

He wins the rights to: 

a) Be complimented by me, personally, for the next two weeks! I will gush giggles with muted intensity as a response to all of his witticisms even if they are not really funny. If there is only one miniature Twix bar in the candy bowl, I will let him eat it.

b) Brag about being BLOG STAR

c) Be a contributor on this very Blog.  First, he has to figure out how to accept the invitation that I sent him.  Well, strike that, first I have to send him the invite… 

I have complete confidence that whatever he writes will be both amusing and thought-provoking. Oh wait, that would be MY writing.

Regardless, his first deadline is Friday, May 13. I know, Friday the 13th sounds like an unlucky day but why not cheer it up with some Blue Cowboy cheer? 

Until my next post evolves, I leave you with fortitude in my fingertips.

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