Blog Hero Flees Country!

Thursday’s amazing surge rendered me speechless.  The Blog got 113 views that day, an all-time high and the blog star poll enthralled much of the Rein Rant N’ Rave Region! To my 3 new subscribers who over exerted themselves to get a notification email about new posts sent to their junk email account (in a bit of irony, the email will be promptly deleted and  therefore the post will not be read which was the whole point)  to appease me, does it get any better than that?!

From out of nowhere, Blue Cowboy ran away with the victory and is now deemed BLOG STAR!  Smash, who could not be more disengaged from this Blog, finished 2nd. In 3rd place, the dejected Funny Bone promptly packed his carry-on bag and fled the country!  He was out of sorts by this loss and genuinely shocked. 

He wanted me to add an editor’s note that he is not a muse; he is a hero….NOTED.  A hero who finishes last in run-off polls but I digress. Secondly, he most definitely did not tumble-down the hill as my “Taking the Plunge” post may have mused, I mean, “heroed”, no, IMPLIED. Oops…see how easy it is to use the word muse, it just flows…

Back to our  RIVETING BLOG STAR….BLUE COWBOY!  He is under much pressure this week to be extra witty and kind since a) Funny Bone fled the country b) Chatty Starbucks is on a business trip c) On The Go is out-of-town  d) Manscape is on a “special trip”.  Everyone is out of town except for Blue Cowboy!

PS, I just threw in the extra characters in so they will stop feeling left out! On The Go is at so many sports events, I don’t even know how he would notice that he wasn’t mentioned here but he always has time to read the Blog! Chatty Starbucks has to  juggle her Blackberry and her extra hot latte drinks – no time to check out a blog for omissions, right?!!  Just kidding, Chatty, we all appreciate you! 

Speaking of love, back to Blue Cowboy, will his shoulders be able to bear the burden of  all of those absences? What does he win for being BLOG STAR? 

He wins the rights to: 

a) Be complimented by me, personally, for the next two weeks! I will gush giggles with muted intensity as a response to all of his witticisms even if they are not really funny. If there is only one miniature Twix bar in the candy bowl, I will let him eat it.

b) Brag about being BLOG STAR

c) Be a contributor on this very Blog.  First, he has to figure out how to accept the invitation that I sent him.  Well, strike that, first I have to send him the invite… 

I have complete confidence that whatever he writes will be both amusing and thought-provoking. Oh wait, that would be MY writing.

Regardless, his first deadline is Friday, May 13. I know, Friday the 13th sounds like an unlucky day but why not cheer it up with some Blue Cowboy cheer? 

Until my next post evolves, I leave you with fortitude in my fingertips.

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  1. You’re taking off! This is the beginning of the big time!

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