Tell Me Why…

Dear Devoted  and Riveted Beyond Words Fan Base! I have missed our wordplay sessions.  I know I have been quiet this past week. The top thing on my mind shall be revealed by week’s end but something weighing heavily is my keyboard has been thwarting me.

That’s right.  My “y” key is misbehaving. Sometimes I press the key  and “y” appears and other times, it is shy and doesn’t want to participate. Do you know how hard it to type riveting information in free-write form when “your” comes out as “our”? It can change the whole story!  Why, “y”, are you doing this to me?!

Another thing that has been bumming me out is the reality that people have taken my information and put it on their websites and acting like they wrote it.  Am I wrong to think that is very uncool? The Rein Rant N’ Rave Umbrella is supposed to protect me from things like these.  

One of my friends, Good Cheer, said she has been reading the blog but a) felt left out and b) had a hard time following it because she didn’t know who the characters were.  I reminded her that there are two things you have to remember with this blog.  1) Read it backwards so you can figure out what is happening.

Understand, that does not mean to take your laptop and turn it towards the mirror and read it.  It means read the first post and then keep going.

2) The whole point of the characters was to NOT know who they are, to give it some mystery.  People who aren’t at work can still get an idea of what these people are like based on their nicknames and what has been written about them.   On the flip side, some people are scratching their heads wondering how can you NOT know who these people are!

I know I could write a character sketch of each one but then where would all the fun be??

Blue Cowboy assured me that he is working hard on creating his debut post for May 13.  The blog community is beyond excited waiting to see what words will come out of this guy!

In other news, my subscription fan base has grown!  Thank you for taking the time to sign up. I know it’s not easy. In fact, I can’t believe how hard it is to subscribe!  I watched one of my friends do it.  Here is a play-by-play.  In case you tried and failed, I can understand how, trust me!!

a) Type in fortunate email address under the Subscribe header and hit enter.

b) Click on the confirmation link that will immediately get sent to the fortunate email address.

c)Check  the box next to Rein Rant N Rave and hit apply or update.

DONE.  Now, let the fun begin as these riveting posts get placed in your email box, moments after they are published! You have just given yourself the gift of free entertainment!

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