A Donkey, Beer, and Memories

In the good news category, while typing earlier, I heard my “y” key snap in place! I was giddy! Imagine what I couldn’t write about without my “y”.  Funny Bone would have to be Goof Bone and  Baby Face would be Immature Face and that would be wrong.  I thank the computer deity that was watching over me today that allowed my “y” to get back in synch with my typing.

The past few months, memories have been flooding in about some wonderful work outings. One that came to mind is an outing that occurred in our parking lot at our old office. It was an easy commute!  I can’t remember if we had a car wash, the washers being losers of a contest and a dunk tank or just a dunk tank.

Somehow, I was lured into the tank. I can only imagine that it was very hot out because there was no other way that I could be suckered into sitting on that plank!

Many people wanted me to take a dive, I assure you.  One, in particular, Napoleon kept throwing the ball and missing by a large margin. In fact, he could have closed his eyes and would have made it closer to the target. I was mocking him as only I could do in a situation such as this one.

The more I mocked, the more pathetic his toss was.  I could have sat there all day, chortling at this guy’s lack of aim. In fact, I was close to asking for a nail file  and polish so I could fix my nails while this guy was throwing.

Understand, the irony in this.  While I am a good tennis player, my accuracy in throwing items is questionable at best. In fact if you are standing to my left or right and I am throwing the person directly in front of me, you better run…fast!

Napoleon was not taking the public ridicule well (from everyone) at all.  In an instant, Napoleon rushed the tank and mouthed, “you’re going in” as he approached the target and pummeled it with his fist and down the plank, I sank!

I took a bath because of someone else’s wrath!

So…this picture kind of reminds me of Napoleon that day….Enough said.

Who Do You Think Of?

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