The End of An Era

This week, in particular, I have been touched by people’s kindness. We all thought that today, Friday the 13th, was going to be my last day at work. Little did any of us know until very recently that I would be transferred downtown to a new role that I applied for instead!

One example of kindness was when Smash made good on a bet from last fall.  I couldn’t believe it when I walked into the meeting room, this week, and he handed me $25!  I believe that to be very stand up! I love my mojo right now!

Smash also impressed me when he let me have a photo taken with himself and Baby Face.  Collector’s Item!

Another touching moment was a thoughtful gesture led by Blondie who got her entire team, Grin Girl, Perky, Cocoa, Chaz, Rookie, Spanky, Shy Guy, and Smurf, to pitch in and get me a going away gift last week.  I had never been so excited to see a lotion called “Moonlit Path”; it smells really good, too!   This past week, I have walked past people and said, “Smell me, don’t I smell great?!”

Grin Girl came up to me with a sweet letter from a group of people who I worked with closely. I was pleased to see a frame that read, “Me and My Crew” with a photo of Cocoa, Young One, Wittina, Shy Guy, Smurf, Suavy and Grin Girl inside.  That is very thoughtful and appreciated.

Although I am staying with the company, I am switching offices. This means that my interaction with some of my characters will be greatly reduced! Each and everyone in my office has had an impact on me and I will truly miss the camaraderie and the laughter sprinkled in amongst all the chaos!  I’ve spent 13 years in this office – an era has ended.
Here are some poignant moments that stand out in my mind:

  • Trying to read Bubble Writer, Shy Guy and Cheerio’s handwriting! Shy Guy’s “5 looks like a “3” and vice versa.
  • Watching Hercules, Purple Thunder, Koosh Ball, Suavy, Mr. Brady and Sterno leave for lunch at 10:00!  But, I can one-up that. I was throwing out lots of stuff from my cube into a big dumpster. I didn’t mind the workout but I turned around and they were all just sitting in the car watching me.  What happened to chivalry, people?!!
  • I’ll miss studying race picks at the track with The Invisible Man.
  • I’ll miss announcing on the intercom that Suavy gets to spend quality time with me at my desk.
  • I’ll miss all of the people who I have called in a panic on their cell phone only to hear them laughing because they were a few feet away from them when I called.
  • I’ll miss my communication sessions with the Town Crier. Every day, I would walk by him and he would ask, “Did you find a job yet?”
  • I’ll miss watching Homer pace between Dutch, Blue Cowboy, and Chatty Starbucks’ offices and not get to actually speak to any of them!
  • I haven’t seen much of Party Girl lately but she always cracks me up, so I’ll miss her, too.
  •  I’ll miss seeing Charlie Brown each morning embrace his cup of coffee and start the day with a smile.
  • I’ll miss having lunch with Gidget, Curly, Wittina, Young One, Chiquita and Sweet Pea in the break room.
  • I’ll miss seeing Ward Cleaver’s apologetic expression as he informs me that the color copier is malfunctioning, once again.  But, may I confess, I will NOT miss that color copier at all!
  • I’ll miss Dutch greeting me as “Sparky” in the morning and “Boss” by the time he leaves.
  • I’ll miss Chatty Starbucks fuming that she had to take a picture of me and someone else a couple of weeks ago and then, today, when I went to have our photo taken, she said that we already had plenty!
  • I’ll miss hearing On The Go and Manscape tell each other how impressed they are with their good looks.
  • I’ll miss giggling with the Funny Bone and Blue Cowboy as they attempt to outwit one other as soon as I walk into the room. Come on, boys; thump those chests!
  • But the most amusing quote of the week was when Blue Cowboy conceded, “as long as you communicate with Funny Bone, you will always have material for your blog.”

Thank you for entertaining me and filling my memory bank with wonderful moments!  Smash came up to me to give me a good-bye hug, today, and I said, “see you on Monday.” He looked back at me and said, “I take back my hug!”

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