Sterno Flips His Lid!

Last week, I diligently paid homage to all of my colleagues and some of them protested about their nicknames. I spent so much time making sure each name made sense and even wrote out a character guide that helped me keep track who I was writing about.  In my infinite wisdom, I accidentally deleted the guide so now I am left to scratch my head to figure out what I called people.

The funny thing is that everyone always brings up Funny Bone and thinks they are Funny Bone.  I don’t blame them, being funny is a great gift and who wouldn’t want to be a blog hero?

I feel like I should clarify some of my nicknames so I don’t offend my devoted fan base. I shall now douse the flame on any confusion.

As people know, Sterno is a popular chafing fuel used for fondue.  I chose Sterno because it describes a man who “lights up everyone with his wittiness”.  I think that is very kind and many people would like to have a nickname so flattering! No?!

Mr. Brady is now being changed to “Mike Brady“.  He understands his nickname but I feel it needs to be explained to everyone else.  He has really neat handwriting and writes like an architect. Makes total sense now, right?! Mike Brady, by the way, told me that he reads my blog while working out.  I think that is quite awesome that one could be burning calories while reading a post written by me.

In other news,  I’ll be adding a candle to the cake this weekend. How fascinating that this year’s birthday be on what is now being dubbed “Judgement Day”, “Doomsday”, or “Rapture”.

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  1. I now will be able to sleep tonight because I now understand what my nickname means. This is hard to write as I have a tear ready to pour out but I am holding it in. My nickname is beautiful!!!!

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