Facebook Reaches Out and Touches

Back in April, I wrote a post called, “Good Chat”.  It talked about the pros and cons of technology. Well, today, I felt like my friend in “Good Chat”.  My phone was vibrating all day – and it was awesome!

There are times when I “mentally check” out of Facebook. I think it happens to all of us.  There is just too much going on.

But, there is one day a year that Facebook never lets me down.  In the end, it is my friends who are brightening my day because they are taking the time to send me a birthday wish by writing on my wall.

I was getting my hair done, this morning, and my phone kept vibrating. The owner of the hair salon came over and said that nobody cares when it’s his birthday!

Then, I treated myself to a manicure/pedicure.  I was the only one in the whole place. It was as if I had bought the place out.  The massage chair was kneading my back and my feet and toes were getting needed attention. Throughout the session, my phone kept vibrating!

It’s such a treat to see these greetings cascade down my wall!  It’s like getting a hug the whole day. I make sure that I acknowledge each post, opening up the door to conversation.

Today, the people who have reached out to me have amazed me.  I have not heard from some of them for a long time and while some would say that is sad, I think it also cool because it gives us a chance to reconnect.

And my non-Facebook friends have kept my phone ringing today, too, with a symphony of texts. It certainly makes one feel special, even if it is just for one day.  Thank you, my friends!

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  1. even though it may be a while since we said hi, many of us enjoy your thoughts and ideas on your blog…we especially remember you on your Special day….Happy Birthday to you.

  2. Happy birthday! I, too, think that is a wonderful part of facebook/social media. It makes you feel special on your birthday, and nothing beats that =)

    • Rachael, thank you so much for the wish! I am very intrigued by your passion for penguins and shall be checking out your blog more when I get a chance. The giraffe photo was awesome 😉

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