Cubs, Beer, & Giggles

Last Thursday, I had my last day with my office in Arlington. We were at a rooftop “watching” the Cubs play the Mets.  I use the quotes around the word watching because I have no clue as to what happened in the game.  The weather has wet and cold so most of us were congregating in the indoor bar. 

Blue Cowboy was his usual cordial self giving me a pep talk on how to handle my new office.  Dutch was cracking me up as he did his various impersonations that were “spot on”.  Funny Bone, well, hasn’t been very funny lately. He hasn’t been that funny since he came back from his two-week all-expense trip paid by himself. Hopefully, he will make people laugh again.  I’m sure the profound depression he is experiencing from having me leave has unconsciously dampened his ability so amuse.  HA!  

However, here are some contenders that tried to replace FB on Thursday .  Rookie.  Rookie was tossing marshmallows in people’s beer.  Rude? Yes!  Did he hit mine? No!  Was it funny? Yes!  He was disciplined for his craziness but fun was had by all.

Also in the running was Mike Brady. He consumed at least 5000 calories. I guess to a nutritionist it’s not that funny, but it was for everyone who was watching.  Understand, he is a tall and fit man, so it’s quite fascinating to see that someone can consume that many calories in one sitting.

But the winner has to be Sterno, who once again lit people up with his witty trickery. His dry delivery of the obnoxious phrasing that came out of his mouth was pure delight. It didn’t matter that he insulted me constantly throughout the event. Someone is giving Funny Bone a run for his funny bone!

What can I say? I guess I am in denial that I won’t be driving out to Arlington again.  I have an office full of people in Metro ready to be nicknamed. I’m sure it will be great and my blog posts will be overflowing with their shenanigans!  

But, I can’t tell a lie, I shall miss the camaraderie in Arlington. I didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone and many of the people who I should have said it to – weren’t there. Has anyone seen Chatty Starbucks? I guess that is why it’s good that Facebook is around to keep people connected with one another even if you don’t get to see them every day.

Yes, tt’s the end of an era but it leads to an exciting new beginning.  Thanks for the memories! 

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