Perfume Spritzes, Loud Ipods, and a Ride Home

Hot off the Funny Bone press, he said something funny, again! Yes!  The witty stars are aligning again.  PHEW!

I had an awesome time frolicking with my adorable niece and nephew this past week!  I took the week off to prepare for my new job that I start on Monday. 

I flew home yesterday and I have to say that is a great opportunity to people watch.  What struck me is how shocking people’s behavior can be during a flight. I understand.  The thought of being  trapped in a plane, in the air, with strangers all around is unappealing. Add the general stress level of traveling and the fact that one is usually tired, it’s a recipe for poor behavior.

The most memorable moment was from a person sitting in an aisle seat.  

  • She seemed “put out” that someone had to sit in the middle seat next to her and wouldn’t get up. Finally, she slid her legs all the way to one side so he could “jump” over to his spot.  
  • She took out her mini computer and started tweeting up a storm. Finally, the flight attendant had to insist that she put that away and she moved on to her ipod and put it on the highest volume possible.
  • The guy next to her had to use the restroom, so he “jumped” past her to the aisle a couple of times. The first time was troubling for her and the second time she started reaching out to me for sympathy.  I tried to avoid eye contact but couldn’t help looking at what her reaction was each time her neighbor moved.
  • The second time he asked to use the restroom, she whipped out her perfume bottle and sprayed the whole area!  My eyes popped out of my head form the strong smell. She apologized and said something like, “Can’t that guy wear a diaper?”
  • Perfectly timed, a baby in back started crying at full force and the perturbed flyer said, “This is too much!”
  • Keep in mind, beside her mean glares, we are all dealing with an unwanted concert from her ipod.
  • The plane lands safely and she jumped out of her seat, knocking everyone in her path so she could get off first!

Again, I understand the stress level of flying but her behavior, although amusing, was not appropriate. It’s amazing how some people are oblivious to how they are impacting other people with their rudeness. It seems to me that blasting one’s ipod and giving passengers a perfume bath in an enclosed space, is far more offensive than asking for the privilege to sit in one’s seat and use the restroom a couple of times.


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