Apologies All Around

This post is dedicated to anyone I have unintentionally offended.  

I’ve been hanging my head in shame for the last 24 hours. I made an epiphany that I failed  to acknowledge the birthday of  a person that has been deemed my honorary baby brother for the past several years. We’ll call him “Sports Virtuoso“.

I have just started a new job and was a bit distracted running around and haven’t even paid much attention to what the “date” was all week. Nonetheless, how I failed to put Sports Virtuoso and his birthday together on his special day…until it’s too late, is shocking for a data collector like me.  

I have his photo in my cube and I still failed to have the connection occur in time!  I’m the one who is usually telling everyone else, ” Psst, someone’s birthday is coming up!”

His birthday was on Wednesday and it finally “hit me” on late Saturday evening when I looked at the calendar and realized it was already June 11!

Let’s face it;  we all miss people’s birthdays or special dates.  Sometimes parents can’t even get the date right of their own kids! We get through it eventually.  At any rate, I am very sorry for having a delayed recollection of his birthday or anyone else’s.

Perhaps, the “bigger picture” is that I do reach out to him and everyone else important to me on most days; not just a birthday.

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