What Now?!

The Calm After The Storm

Greetings to my enthusiastic, yet quiet fan base! How have you all been? I haven’t written in a while and I have missed it.  I was distracted the last couple of weeks settling into my new job downtown. I was enjoying walking in Millenium Park at lunch time, setting up lunch dates with my friends and dinners, as well.  Things were really looking up!  The weather could improve and all would be perfect!

I was enjoying this amazing view of Navy Pier from the 68th floor and getting to know my new colleagues. I can truly say that I had no “issues” with any of them and was quite pleased.  However, I have yet to come up with nicknames for any of them and I don’t think I will have the time to do so.

On Wednesday, two and a half weeks after I transferred from my home office of 13 and a half years, they announced that they are closing my office within 3 weeks!  Seriously? The sales reps are being deployed to the three suburban offices and I am returning to my original office but don’t know for how long.

I am obviously hoping my “value” will prevail and all will be “good” but it is unsettling to say the least.  In the grand scheme of things, when I hear how other people are doing, I’m really doing okay. 

No disrespect to  2011 but it has kind of sucked.  My friends, all around, are having financial challenges, job insecurity, medical issues with loved ones, and all around angst.

Tuesday night, the Chicago area had a crazy storm that resulted in tornadoes, trees crushing cars, and people being without power for days. I was working on an upcoming reunion so I was completely oblivious as to what was going on outside. I didn’t even hear the wind.  I saw random posts on Facebook about people going into their basements within miles of me. I saw beautiful photos being displayed of Lake Michigan which is just a few blocks away.  I even had a friend of mine ask if a gust of wind had taken me or if I would show up to see him late in the week.

I guess I am lucky that I was so detached from the storm. The calmness in the photo taken by me at my desk is a mirage.  It represents “the calmness” after the crazy storm from the night before. However,  with the announcement of my office closing that morning, my storm is just beginning. 

In the “things are looking up” category, working on my high school reunion has been a wonderful distraction and I even started the grade school blog yesterday. I had 6 BEAUTIFUL new windows installed in my home yesterday. How one can be so excited about windows is beyond me but I can’t stop looking at them.  I have to wait 3 days to open them and enjoy the wonderful breeze. It is hard! Who knew that home improvements could bring some giddiness? 

I know this post wasn’t full of fun and frolic as usual but I ‘m sure funny girl will be back soon.  Meanwhile we interrupt this post for a much-needed long bike ride on this beautiful Sunday. 

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