Improvisation with a 5 Year Old

Last week, I was fortunate enough to have my 5 year-old niece and 3 year old nephew come in from out of town to get in some quality bonding time.   It was during the “heat wave” and they were so incredibly well-behaved. I have many wonderful memories but the ones that seem to stand out were at the very end.

One fun moment came from both of them as they asked me, “What can I do for you?”  They were armed with a little fans that had water misters attached.  One sprayed the back of my neck while the second came to me and “cooled” me off with the fan.  They continued to do my face, arms and legs. It was heavenly.  At one point, my niece pretended she was giving me a manicure and cleaned my fingernails with the mister just like in the salon. Fun time and it was so nice to be cooled during this crazy heat!

I was getting ready to leave and my niece knew but my nephew wasn’t really aware as to what was happening. I was sitting on a chair cooling off while my niece was walking around on the furniture. She asked me a question and on impulse, I sang back my answer in a rhyme.

I wasn’t paying too much attention as I was reading a Frank Lloyd Wright book but after about 10 minutes passed, I realized that she was improvising back to me in a rhyme while singing and doing so consistently.

I was stunned. I knew she was creative but I couldn’t help but be really impressed that she was not only so detailed with her questions or answers but that she was able to do so in rhyme while singing.

It was one of those awesome moments that one hopes to share with someone that will be foremost in my thoughts for quite some time. She was so comfortable with self as she danced upon the furniture and sang to me in rhyme with original material. Very fun!

The other warm moment that gave me tingles was when my nephew actually jumped up to my chair and sat there for a few minutes and let me hug and tickle him so that I could say goodbye.  It was just a nice moment to have the tame child chilling out with me like that.

And that is the latest installment of the doting aunt raving about her niece and nephew… 



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