A Giggle A Day Keeps the Blues Away

It just hit me as I was reviewing previous posts that it had been almost a month between the last two posts. How did that happen? Writing these posts are therapeutic for me, so how did so much time elapse between posts? It’s not that I don’t have material because I have to believe I do but it’s been clogged up lately.

So, I guess I will do what I do best and just start to free-write and not put so much thought into it.  One of my faithful followers said that people don’t want to be cheered up, they want to read about doom and gloom and know that somebody has it worse than the person who is reading it. Well, forgive me, but that seems somewhat depressing!  

Work has been chaotic, to write the least. Wait, before I go into that. Why does “to say the least” make sense and “to write the least” doesn’t?  But I blogress.  My enchanted readers will remember my fascinating characters and I bet you are wondering how did all of these people just drop out of one’s life just like they did here?  It’s like having a family split up. It was rough and that can probably be highly responsible for my silence as of late. 

Lots of movement within our offices caused our band to break up.  Fortunately, a source of levity,  Chatty Starbucks, is still with me. I was sitting with Chatty right before I was about to leave for the day. It has been a long time since she and I were able to catch up and be silly. I catch her texting our blog hero, Funny Bone.  As for obvious reasons, she thinks of him when she sees me. She thought she was being cute by writing something obnoxious. So, I have my texting fingers ready to counter Funny Bone‘s sure to be RUDE DUDE (ISH) response.

Chatty and I were laughing really hard, just like the old days. Old days being 4 months ago.  I called Funny Bone.  I was teeing off on him, convinced he was too cool to take my call. He waited until the last possible ring to pick up.  I put him on speaker so that Chatty and I could spar with him like we used to.  It was light, it was fun, and it caused my giggle to come back.

There are few people who can bring me to tears when I laugh. Chatty and Funny Bone are two of them. With people like them, it’s really quality of time that is impressive, not quantity of time. Like I said, a giggle a day keeps the blues away.   At any rate, thanks for the giggle. Impromptu reunions like that are pretty nice.

PS, I am sure our Blog Star of yesteryear, Blue Cowboy, is growling in pain right now wondering how on earth I can still think Funny Bone is so fabulous.  Old habits die hard.  🙂  Besides, maybe if I heard from him once in awhile, he would get some positive press, too! 

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  1. Funny blogs rule. It’s just a simple fact. Anyone can make ’em cry, but it takes a genius to make ’em laugh.

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