Write It Down

I had two awesome bike rides this past weekend that re-charged me.  Writing is equally gratifying for me. I come up with awesome posts while I ride but by the time I get home and am  ready to put my fingers on the keys, the thoughts have escaped me!

Sports Virtuoso gave me great advice more than a few years ago. When you last heard of him, I had unintentionally forgotten his birthday in June.  😦  Click HERE for post.  The back story on him is that he was my dad’s right hand man for a number of years and they were writing a book together. He became my adopted baby brother.

So, each Sunday, we would meet up with my dad and the two would spar about sports the entire evening. Boring for me but because it was them, it was entertaining. There were two things he was obviously passionate about.  Sports and desserts. Fortunately, for me, this was an opportunity for me to “taste” a yummy dessert and he was the closer and would wipe the plate clean. 

During our weekly rides to and from dinner, I would fill him in on silly happenings in my life.  He always said, “write it down” and I always laughed and said I would.  This was before blogs were big.  I started to take his advice and made big progress on a  masterpiece (hah!) and of course, my computer crashed.  Along with it, my thoughts and memories.  It was probably comparable to losing photos in a flood or in a fire. It was hard. 

Time passed and my birthday rolled around.  SV handed me a purple book with three words, “Now, start writing”.  While it’s not practical to  take the purple book with me on bike rides…the wise advice he provided pops into my head constantly; reminding me to “write it down”.  


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