You Say By & I Say Hi!

If you are looking for warm and fuzzy in tonight’s post, move along!  The feisty ranter has returned and she has words!!! First of all, you rain storms can chillax.  Oh, how I used to love the tranquility of a rain storm.  I am done with Mother Nature weeping all over us and killing trees, taking our power and flooding people’s homes.  ENOUGH!!!! But, I digress. 

Friendships or relationships are the glue that keep us all connected. The helium in our egos!  The impromptu laugh during our blue moment, a thoughtful email when one least expects it;  and the hope when we feel like we are vexed! At times, I am overwhelmed by people in my life with how wonderfully they handle issues as they arise and can’t say thank you enough.  This is where the fuzzy feeling ends!

In other instances, I am completely baffled!  People act like they can be a solid presence in your life one moment and the next, they tell you they are absorbed with something else or disappear and your importance has shifted to nothing!  

I know I have ranted about this notion before; but this topic does NOT seem to get old.  What happened to people talking on the phone? Hanging out in person? I can understand if people live in different states or countries. In fact, it’s usually the people from out-of-town who overexert themselves to stay in touch.

But, what about the locals?!  Has life really become so busy that we have to be satisfied with maintaining our friendship through posts on Facebook?!  

Heavy on my mind right now is one of my very amusing friends from my childhood whom shall be hereby referred to as”Yesteryear” – last seen on a road trip finding inner peace and providing levity to yours truly.  Where might you be? Please touch base…your banter pal is worried!  Did you run out of gas?:)  To my high school chum who cracks me up sporadically, without trying, hereby referred to as “Prankster“, keep providing the laughs.

Pardon the interruption of sincerity, we now return to the rant, already in progress. Maybe people open up and get nervous. One cannot be weak or vulnerable! In sales, it’s called “backing out of loss”.   It’s  a cornucopia of crap! Anyone hungry for some mind screw souffle?!

Friendship is supposed to be such a strong foundation that can weather the downs and benefit greatly from the highs. It flourishes from two main ingredients that we’ll call  communication and trust as time moves on.

It’s always disappointing when one learns that he/she has been down-graded from “potential” to “disposable”,  “friend” to “acquaintance”; or “dawg” to “someone I used to work with”. 

Like I said, I don’t know why you say by, when I say hi.

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