Transcendent Unit Publicist

A few years ago, I joined Facebook. I remember being shocked that my own brother was a member and I didn’t even know.  Before I knew it, I was getting sucked in by finding friends from all facets of my life. I remember being shocked  by some of the people who friended me and even me more shocked by the people who “accepted” my friend request.

I was immediately enthralled with all of the word games, put buttons on my bulletin board and was smitten with “Farmville. Prankster stepped up as my Farm Coach and I could picture him with his cowboy hat on saying, “Come on, plow those fields!” I have a few friends from college who challenged me in various word games with much aggression, might I add.

Without Facebook, I would not have found my junior high crush (sigh), people from my graduating class in improvisation and a myriad of my brother’s fraternity brothers!  The list goes on. In fact, it allows one to be up to date with the happenings of distant relatives, ones that you probably would know very little about, if not for this forum.

It was through this platform that I became friends with my sister-in-law’s step-brother.  You got that? Now, how else would this happen?! Since we  were sort of related due to me being the sister-in-law of the daughter of his dad’s wife – being friends seemed  like a no-brainer. We became fast friends with the sarcastic stars perfectly aligned throughout our communiques.  Let me introduce you to Technostar.

He was a great sounding board.  In fact, I kept telling him I wanted to start a blog so he fed me all sorts of advice regarding search engine optimization and other useful information.  When I had problems with my computer, he would troubleshoot from his apartment in the southeast corner of the United States to help me out.

There would be times when I had trouble sleeping.  He was very generous and would allow me to ping him at 2:30 in the morning and he would be armed with boring material to email back to me. Within minutes,  I was promptly lulled back to sleep. Technostar was great at making me laugh when I was having a rough day and his wisdom on many topics was priceless.

He made a couple of movies while in high school and decided to use Facebook to give them a second life and promote them.  He knew I was into promotion so he asked me to be his unit publicist.  I laughed, at first. However, when I noticed he changed my title to “Slacker Unit Publicist”, I started taking my title very seriously.  I realized his birthday was coming up in about ten days and thought the best gift I could offer was getting him 100 fans by his birthday.

So, the challenge began.  I  immediately started writing his friends and relatives asking them to join the group!  Then, of course, I went after my own friends and family  for added cushion. It was a perfect warm-up for my reunions for high school and college that were coming up in a year or two.  In fact, I had one friend from grade school write a very excited note, “Will we make our goal in time?!”

I was passionate about hitting this goal and one would think I was raising money for a terminal disease, but no, it was just increasing membership for a high school movie from 20 years ago.

The fans started to build quickly over the next ten days. I even converted a few of his cousins that he had been after for months. I recruited some of his friends from high school who weren’t talking much to join the group. Most people even responded to me by either joining right away or saying hello in a note, as well.

I am thankful to say that one of  MY friends put us over 100, the MORNING of Technostar‘s birthday.  It was such relief when I saw the member number turn 100.  Technostar was touched and thanked me, as only he could do by upgrading me to “Transcendent Unit Publicist” on the page.

Sadly, as many do over time, our smartass-ship or “bantership” dwindled sometime later. After the 100 fan quest, it would have been hard for me to keep up the momentum. But, I would be lying if I don’t miss our witty exchanges from time-to-time.  I’m sad that was he  wasn’t around to encourage me when I finally kicked off my blogs.  He would have been all over increasing my clicks and telling me what buzz words to use to increase readership.

Since time has passed, I don’t take his lack of attention to heart as I get the impression he doesn’t pay attention to anyone!  Sometimes, however,  it’s hard not to.

As I mentioned, I joined Facebook a few years ago and met people I never would have because of it. Thank you, Facebook.

Tomorrow is his birthday. I know, I should write on his wall. But nonetheless, happy birthday, Technostar; wherever you are.

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  1. Thank you. It’s stayed over 100 ever since. Facebook changed all the group and page settings and design, and I couldn’t keep the page updated. I switched job positions, when back to school, and started a side business all at the same time. It’s been crazy ever since. It was fun having the free time to spend on those things.

  2. Oh, Technostar, there you are! Thanks for checking in, Those times were very fun, indeed. Get to work on that sequel, if you ever get free time, that is! 🙂

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