Perky Positivity

It’s been over a week since my last post. I get very puzzled when that happens, as this is such wonderful therapy. I guess the current theme is perky positivity.  Some people are wondering where Lauren went and others are asking for me to bottle up this feeling and sell it.

If I could, I would. I can’t explain to you why I am at peace or, as my chiropractor would say, “in balance”.  In fact, given all that is going on with the uncertainty of my job, the economy, the wicked weather, etc.; I have plenty of reasons to be miserable.

You know, I don’t think I have felt this good since I went to a foot reflexologist at The Heartland Spa last year.  She drained my lymph nodes and I walked around in a “daze” for two months, I think?! To this day, I have tried to find a foot reflexologist to get me to that level of euphoria, but I have yet to find one!  Where are you?!!

At any rate, perky positivity sounds like a good mantra to put on a fortune cookie. Earlier this week, I was at dinner with my friend/neighbor who comes to town for a visit every year or so.  I know, that sounds odd. How can one be a neighbor of mine who is only here a few weeks every year or so?  But,  run with it.  

I always marvel at how amazing  it is that you can have these connections with people who don’t require much work. They just sustain themselves and you don’t go through withdrawal from not communicating but when you do it’s fun.

We were having dinner at a local eatery that serves fortune cookies for dessert. Everyone grabbed their cookie and mine was left on the table all by itself.

I don’t like fortune cookies. I mean, the taste is somewhat bland and it gets stuck in my teeth like taffy, or something.  At any rate, over the last few years, I have made a point to crack open that cookie and read the fortune to see if it can actually apply to me.

In fact, I used to do this frequently with a friend of mine, Gidget.  She and I worked together for years and we would have lunch together quite often. She is no longer at my office and we had many good times together and I miss them.  Check her out in earlier post “Impromtu Ixtapa”.

Back to the cookies…  Gidget’s big eyes would light up when it was time for the reading of the fortune cookies.  She would give me her fortune and ask me to read it because she didn’t have her reading glasses and then she would have me read mine.   She would weigh the two fortunes and generously give me “hers” if she felt it was more applicable to me.  But aren’t all fortunes applicable to everyone? 

“Words must be weighed and not counted.”

That is what was on the fortune cookie earlier this week. I like that.  It makes so much sense, too.  

When I had to switch offices earlier this summer, I threw out my immense collection.  But I can still see the messages rumbling around in my mind from time to time and when I need a lift, I’ll think of one. But for now, I think I’ll keep using perky positivity.

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