Dear Diary…

I have my high school reunion coming up next month. 31 days, but who is counting? I’ve been really fortunate to reconnect with some people from my younger days.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Memories have been flooding me lately, which caused me to visit  my old childhood bedroom, which is now used as a collection of clutter, no disrespect, Dad. But, the one thing that is left intact is my desk that I had inherited from my brother when he moved out.

I immediately found my diaries that captured moments from junior high through college.  Oh boy!   The one that stood out to me was called “The Nothing Book” which was dedicated to my 7th grade teacher, Ms. Cathy Bell, who inspired me to chronicle my 13th year.

I creatively called it “13th Year”.  Hah! I would love, out of respect to my former teacher, to be able to say that I filled that book with fabulous moments. Especially since she encouraged my writing.

We interrupt this touching tale with a memory that is hitting me as I free-write. It was in 8th grade and I had a mean English teacher as opposed to the nice one that I had in 7th grade. Yes, she was mean. We were learning about mythology.

I had to write about Zeus and Hera and read it to the class. Now, let me point out that, back then we were not taught or I was simply not aware that Zeus was marrying his sister but the pickings were slim and it was cool in mythology to do that. Zeus waited a while so he could sow his oats  (three centuries??) to get hitched to his sis.  When he did, I read to the class, “So, what do we do now that we are married?”

The class erupted in laughter. I needn’t tell you what they were all thinking.  I wasn’t.  But the teacher reprimanded me for my flagrant use of sexual innuendo and deemed me a horrible writer. To this day, I have the gift of writing “loaded” sentences and have been told I have a dirty mind, which is hysterical to those who know me, and, I would imagine, endearing.

Back to the touching tale of 7th grade.  My diary writing was “lame” back then.

Surprisingly I wrote about my whole 13th year in BIG slanted handwriting that destroyed the pages, in not even 20 pages! But, it’s like that fortune cookie said last week, “Words must be weighed and not counted.”

“The rest is written in hopes that nobody will see this. GOT IT?”  

That was written in my diary. I am guessing it was directed at my older brother, you think?

How ironic. Writing in a journal has been replaced by blogging (guilty), Facebooking (guilty) and Twitter This (no thanks) and text message or email that (guilty, guilty).  There is no privacy! But, don’t we choose that?

I guess we give up the privacy to have the opportunities to catch up with these people that we NEVER would have been able to without social media. I will still argue that these various forms of announcing what is going on cannot be replaced by the richness of hearing one’s voice or (gasp) seeing the person. It is much appreciated and impressive, nonetheless.

Who knows how we are keeping our memories alive these days but for me, it’s my 7th grade teacher giving me my mantra this week. She scribed it in front of my empty book of “Nothing”:

“This could be a wonderful chronicle…You think you won’t forget, but you might.”

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  1. Love this, and I agree, FB is a great way to stay at fingertip length with our friends…but nothing like a real old fashion hug to literally pull you close.

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