The Giggle Chick

Back in college, I used to be blessed with the giggle gift. Typically, it was because I was in the presence of adorable men and uncomfortable so the giggles just flowed.  One friend dubbed me “The Giggle Chick” because whenever I saw him, I hardly talked, I just giggled profusely. Fortunately, time allowed me to mature and the attack of the giggles don’t happen as much as they used to.

Of course, I am laughing as I write that because that is not entirely true because I am known my for my laugh.

I am a giggle chick and I am not ashamed.  

Some people find it endearing and others probably grimace from pain.  Like that jerk at the Greek restaurant who told me “Honey, with a laugh like yours, you are going to be single a LONG time.”   

With all of the stress in the world right now, it’s really important that you find a reason to laugh.  This week alone, I have learned of  health crises for people in my family, work, and high school circles.  It’s easy to get sucked in by the scariness of these situations. It would be so easy to lose hope and stop laughing but you have to stay positive during the challenges that are thrown our way.  In fact, during the crisis, that is when it is most important.  

Laughing until you cry is a great thing. When is the last time you did that? It’s therapeutic and comparable to that giddy feeling one gets when consuming the right amount of wasabi that allows your sinus cavities to go “woosh”!

I had a simple but wonderful thing happen that really turned me around and got my perspective back into the right place of being positive; despite the guilt one may feel of being positive when so many people are having a rough time.  That’s the delicate challenge.  Am I allowed to be happy when others are not?

Friday night, I was definitely slipping out of balance.  An old (in time known, not age) friend of mine asked how I was. By the way, I have no nickname for this friend because whenever I throw one out there, he rejects it. I guess it’s because he was the moniker master when I knew him in school and it’s intimidating trying to meet his criteria of what makes a worthy nickname. But, I digress. 

I immediately started unloading of all the injustices since the last time we had touched base which wasn’t that long ago so I shouldn’t have had much to say!  Most people would run after getting a rant like that but he wrote back something to the effect, “You think your day was bad, check out mine.”  

He wrote about this crazy scenario where he was driving home and a bird hit his windshield, he tried to get it out of  the windshield but couldn’t reach it. So he turned on the windshield wipers and the bird bounced off his vehicle’s windshield onto the cop car behind him. He was subsequently pulled over and ticketed. 

I was in shock. I couldn’t believe he was so attentive given that he had just received a ticket because of a bird! I apologized profusely for his rotten day. I was imagining this bird with a crushed cranium or fractured wing – if it was lucky and could see the whole scene unwind on the highway.  There is my friend, Dr. Dolittle, trying to save the day. Man, what a rotten way to start a weekend. 

He wrote back asking if I could tell him why he was ticketed. I came up with a ton of reasons including distraction, reduced speed limit, no seat belt….

He wrote back, “Flipping the bird. It was a joke, I wanted to make you laugh.”

How wonderful would it be if everyone just wanted to make each other laugh. Granted, I was half-asleep during the correspondence so one would hope if I was completely alert I would have caught his joke.

Yet I was just floored and incredibly appreciative that he took the time to figure out a way to give me the giggle gift to lift me back into balance.  Needless to say, The Giggle Chick showed up that night and all the injustices I had written about a couple of hours earlier just dissolved.  And that is a wonderful feeling that I wish for everyone.


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