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My Favorite French Tenor

I went to high school on Chicago’s North Shore with Matt Polenzani.  He is a tenor, from New York, who just wrapped up a starring role in “The Tales of Hoffmann” at the Lyric Opera in Chicago.  As part of the promotion for that opera, he sang the National Anthem at the Bears-Packer game in late September. 

If you are looking to understand what this opera is about, here is a great interpretation.  If you are looking for great photos of the opera, take a look here

I have been to only one other opera. However, I grew up going to musicals with my mom, once a year, on my birthday. I would then buy the sheet music and learn the songs on the piano. 

Last night, with opera glasses in hand, and my mom and my “Auntie Val”,  we went to see his final performance. 

As I was fidgeting with my opera binoculars, I heard “that voice”.  I zoomed in on my former classmate from way back when and he took over the stage with a powerful and beautiful voice backed up with evident passion and drama. His eyes, even from Row J in the second upper balcony, showed his vulnerability and commitment to his role. Read the rest of this entry

Are You Half Cloudy or Half Blue Sky?

Cloudy or Blue Sky?

I took this photo while on my lunch break today. I had already started the car but I looked up and was completely smitten with what was in front of me and just took the view in for a few minutes. This moment was right before the sun popped out.  It brings about some questions.

  • Is your mindset half cloudy or half blue sky?
  • Do you see a question mark or a 3?

I saw the blue sky trying to break through the shades of gray. However, how can one not appreciate the fascinating glow show that the clouds provide?

As far as the question mark or a 3.  I, myself, am full of questions right now with many facets of my life.  The economy, my work situation, my friend and foe situation, customer service experiences, you name it:  I have questions!   Read the rest of this entry

2500 Clicks = Banter, Frolic and Virtual Balloon Drop

2500 Click Celebratory Virtual Balloon Drop!

This past Friday, I was just a few clicks away from getting to the coveted 2500 clicks.  I distracted many a co-worker and went on their browsers and typed in my address and set it up as their home page. He or she would come back to his or her desk and ask, “What is this?! I walked away with a confused look and went after my next colleague.

Surprisingly, I still needed some clicks so I called my brother and said, “Hey, I wrote about you a month ago, maybe you can read it today?” He obliged. 

Still needed a few clicks, so while at lunch, I talked up the blog to the person taking my order, and the people standing behind me in line. I reminded the postal carrier, UPS and FED EX delivery people that today was the day to click on my blog. Read the rest of this entry

Attack of the Gum Smack

There’s something very magical about watching a child make the perfect bubble with a wand and some soap. I know, you are thinking, where is the gum smack rant?  People don’t want to feel good when they read a blog about ranting.  They want angst.  They want to know someone else is worse off than themselves.  I mean, sure it could all be a “put on” but for a brief moment, you are transfixed by someone else’s overall state of  dishevelment and feel good. I get it and I’m happy to oblige. But, give me a second to build to it.  Much like the way a bubble gets made.  The bubble doesn’t just happen! Read the rest of this entry

Baby Door Hanger

I bought a new phone on Father’s Day. It was my  first experience with smart phone technology. Needless to say, I just got my second replacement phone, yesterday. The person who was helping me was very nice but incredibly distracted.  In fact, he was not listening to a thing I said. Finally, I was passed off to someone else who was also very nice and assured me I was in great hands.

My biggest concern was that my contacts were on my phone. Why is this so important? I don’t talk to most of the people listed in my address book but I do text and I guess it’s a comfort to know that I can reach out to them if I want to.

She showed me my contacts and I noticed right away that one person wasn’t present.  She asked me who it was and I relayed that it didn’t matter “who” it was as much as the fact that the entry was not in my phone!  

“I can manually enter the number for you.” I told her I had those skills, too!  But, I would need to KNOW THE NUMBER to make that happen. That is why one needs the contacts to transfer over, NO?! Read the rest of this entry

Batting Practice

Need a good laugh? My 3-year-old nephew just learned about bats and that they sleep upside down.  Riveted, he took it to heart and promptly went to bed to imagine  the life of a slumbering bat. Needless to say, he is a quick study. Read the rest of this entry

For Here or To Go?

Avocado has an amazing ability to bring out the endorphins in me; it makes me “happy”. It’s like my own version of a 5 Hour Energy Drink. You either love it or have it and I am smitten, for sure.

Like most people, I have a few “regular places” that I go to for lunch and I have my routine down when ordering. First words are  TO GO, then I mention my order and ADD GUACAMOLE.

The order taker repeated the order to me and asked,  “You want that guacamole on the side, right?” I replied, “No, I want it on the entrée I ordered.” Read the rest of this entry

Get It Right

Reflections at The Chicago Botanic Garden

I gave my blog a face lift last night.  I like the new look and  it has cooler widgets.  Hopefully, this  will inspire better blog posts, too. One must have goals!

Are funny people patient? Most funny people think they are deeply funny but I strive for being funny and deep.

I don’t think I have the patience gene.  Would one be able to truly rant without lack of patience? Doesn’t lack of patience turn into funny moments?

Patience Deficiency Syndrome (PDS – a “Laurenism”) usually encompasses someone who is full of passion and believes in their ideas and/or thinks they have been wronged, etc. Perhaps, they have been hurt. Read the rest of this entry

Oh Brother

October Sunset at the Chicago Botanic Garden

The last few months I have ended my work day with a speedy, yet tranquil walk through the Chicago Botanic Garden which works out great because it is on my way home.  Today was a good day for people reaching out to me. My brother finally called me.  Given our time difference, he is pretty good at being able to catch me while I’m at lunch.  

I had sent my brother the link of my reunion photos and he had written me back about a week ago with a very “touchy feel” kind of note which was very out of character for him.   “You look beautiful!” – remember, this is my brother. Oh, and it’s signed, “xo”.  My brother writes for TV but when it comes to emails to me, they are usually short and succinct and I can assure you in our many years of exchanging written correspondence, he has never signed a note with hugs and kisses unless he is playing a prank on me.  Read the rest of this entry

Back in a Groove

I guess I am back in my writing groove. Last night’s post was over 1100 words long saying how Facebook had done me wrong. Just before I started writing this post, I received the nicest email on Facebook, from a high school acquaintance, saying that he had such a great time at our recent reunion. “I thought it was your ability to elegantly create and develop esprit de corps via social media that made the difference.”   For someone who is going through significant classmate communication withdrawal, that was perfectly timed and so appreciated, thank you!

In the past, I used to easily come up with posts by simply talking about my work day. Today, more than one of my “characters-in-training” complained about not being in my blog. I agreed.  My blog had the highest hits when I talk about these people, so I guess have to cave and pay homage to some of  them now. Read the rest of this entry

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