Liz, Lynne & Lauren

Last weekend was probably one of the best weekends of my life. Not to sound all mushy  but other than a typical life changing event like a wedding, or something, it was pretty spectacular.  My state of giddy was ever-present and it was wonderful. Liz and Lynne, my two friends from school planned this event, with me, from the ground up. There were obstacles along the way and a myriad of emails over the past year but it all came together really well. 

A couple of memorable exchanges between the three of us at our last lunch a couple of weeks before the event.  Liz slapped me on the leg and said, “It will be okay!” I just kept worrying about the head count and would we have enough food?! I knew we were in capable hands with Jason at the Club but I was overwhelmed. Later, Lynne followed up with “If you don’t quit talking, I’m going to chloroform you!”  

Now, keep in mind, Liz is the one who can put ten minutes of dialogue into two minutes and I can find a way to cram a lot of  dialogue via free-writing, so it’s always amusing when someone tells me to stop talking.  Well, that is not true,  sometimes I just start talking while others are talking and I have to be sedated (or chloroformed in this case) but I digress. It sounds painful, but trust me, it was all in good fun.

The weekend began on Friday night when we had a pre-party at a local establishment.  We picked up school balloons at the local grocery store, carried by our mascot for the weekend, MVP, and were on our way.  It was a small group but we had much fun.  As the four of us were reliving the night at Liz’s house, I suddenly stopped smiling and said, “It’s time to go.” 

You know that moment, when you hit the wall?  MVP said I “pumpkinized” and fast.  No hug, no closing conversation, despite having a very enjoyable evening. I just got into the car and drove off. I don’t disagree with his observation  but this pumpkin had to be fresh for her reunion the next day!

Fast forward to the next night. The reunion was amazing.  People were giving steady streams of compliments throughout the evening and Liz, Lynne and I were living large.  People had huge smiles on their faces, even the people who probably don’t smile very frequently.  I floated around like a butterfly snapping pictures and enticing other people to take pictures of me.  All of the stress of planning and promoting this event just melted away.

The last reunion had twice as many people and was held at not nearly as nice of a venue.  This venue made it very easy to talk to everyone. Unlike the last reunion, I actually remember EVERYTHING!  That is a definite plus.  

Liz generously offered her place for me to crash at the night of the reunion; thus avoiding any chance of me “pumpkinizing” two nights in a row. There were 15 of us at that “B & B”: 8 adults, 7 kids, and a dog! As Sunday afternoon rolled around, it was hard to say goodbye.

It hit me hard that my fun friends were about to fly or drive back home and I would be left alone to remember their endearing smiles, witty words, and camaraderie. Like I said, that reunion weekend was pretty spectacular and if you were a part of it, I thank you profusely.  

I hope you maintain the pledge the Liz, Lynne and I started which is to “keep in touch with each other…better”!


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