Back in a Groove

I guess I am back in my writing groove. Last night’s post was over 1100 words long saying how Facebook had done me wrong. Just before I started writing this post, I received the nicest email on Facebook, from a high school acquaintance, saying that he had such a great time at our recent reunion. “I thought it was your ability to elegantly create and develop esprit de corps via social media that made the difference.”   For someone who is going through significant classmate communication withdrawal, that was perfectly timed and so appreciated, thank you!

In the past, I used to easily come up with posts by simply talking about my work day. Today, more than one of my “characters-in-training” complained about not being in my blog. I agreed.  My blog had the highest hits when I talk about these people, so I guess have to cave and pay homage to some of  them now.

First off, thanks to two of my leading characters who paved the way with their ridiculous antics. In July, they transferred offices leaving a void in my blog and (tears streaming down my cheek) heart. After I last left you, breathless with anticipation, our Blog Hero, Funny Bone, and Blog Star, Blue Cowboy, were probably at some bar drinking. That’s too easy. Hell, they are probably still there… 🙂  But, seriously, thanks you two. There is many a day when I laugh really hard and it’s difficult not having flashbacks of how you used to create many of those wonderful moments by amusingly trying to one-up each other with your self-thought “I am so fabulous-ness”.  But, I digress.

A couple of fun moments did happen today. I can’t tell if Chatty Starbucks was brawling with Aimless or just having spirited conversation. But the door was closed and you could hear high-pitched this and cackle that. Meanwhile, Bootsie walked by with her head of hair that she dumps into a vat of perfume before she gets there and chaos ensues,  Bootsie said that all women put perfume on their hair.  My bad – as I sneeze for the fifteenth time in her presence. 🙂  She really does bring levity to the office and her generosity is appreciated, even if I am allergic to her! At any rate,  I finally had to just go to lunch for fear of having nightmares tonight.  When I left Chatty at the end of the day, you could see her moving her hands with animation in the office and talking…but nobody was there. 

Sterno nearly flipped his lid again and was cranky!  He was printing pages and pages of collateral that will, no doubt, lead to money-making opportunities for his clients. However, each time, it was just as I needed to print something immediately and I had to wait for his ream of paper to emerge with ink on the pages before I could proceed with my timely tasks.

Koosh Ball was on vacation last week, so Hercules and Suavy decided to play a prank on him. While they were delivering the punch line via cell phone, I watched it unfold.  All of a sudden, Hercules looks at me and says, “Hey, remember when you played that prank on Lauren a few years ago? (Insert Dramatic Pause) Well (insert LEWD explicative here) YOU!”   Boisterous howling followed and those men were quite pleased with themselves and said to me that they had gotten even with him for me. Meanwhile, I was taxing my brain as to WHICH prank they were referring to – as there are so many!  One can never have too much levity at work!

Mid-afternoon, I had an interesting moment. I really think there was a banana peel on the floor strategically placed by Koosh Ball, perhaps.  I was armed with energy and eagerly got out of my chair to realize I had lost my balance and saw the cube wall staring at me as I was about to crash upon it. Horrified, I started laughing and slipped to the right as if I was plowing through a foot of snow in a snowstorm on broken skis, and almost wiped out in the hall but I magically remained standing!  I so wish there was someone to fist bump at the moment, because that would truly fit in here and make this moment that much more magical…

Meanwhile, I started laughing as tears were rolling down my face and walked back to my desk. It was one of those moments where I was so relieved that nobody had witnessed it but kind of wish someone had so they could remind me how entertaining and impressive I was at restoring my balance.    Needless to say, I was completely alert the rest of the day and quite thankful that I didn’t smash my cranium or any other part of my body, for that matter!  

Like I said, back in a groove…


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