Get It Right

Reflections at The Chicago Botanic Garden

I gave my blog a face lift last night.  I like the new look and  it has cooler widgets.  Hopefully, this  will inspire better blog posts, too. One must have goals!

Are funny people patient? Most funny people think they are deeply funny but I strive for being funny and deep.

I don’t think I have the patience gene.  Would one be able to truly rant without lack of patience? Doesn’t lack of patience turn into funny moments?

Patience Deficiency Syndrome (PDS – a “Laurenism”) usually encompasses someone who is full of passion and believes in their ideas and/or thinks they have been wronged, etc. Perhaps, they have been hurt.

Maybe that “pumpkinization” phraseology introduced to me by a character you met a couple of weeks ago, MVP, would work here. For me, if you take away my conviction or  passion, I become very boring and quiet. 

The good news is that for much of the year, I have felt a sense of being centered that is a really wonderful feeling to have.  Being centered is a definite PDS blocker. 

I try to make up for the PDS moments through writing and laughter. To anyone I have offended (be it intentionally or unintentionally) this past year, I am truly sorry. It may have been a “bad day” or most likely, a lack of mutual understanding.

To those wonderful people who know me and put up with me, despite these bouts with PDS, I thank you profusely and appreciate all that you do to fuel my creativity and give me wonderful posts and memories.

Some of you have given me “gifts” that I take with me and apply to situations to get myself out of trouble. I thank you for being “present”, even if you are not here.

We interrupt this sincere moment to point out that I just made a pun. It just happened. I didn’t try to be funny and punny. One could argue I was “sincerely punny” but I was really shooting for a sincere moment and it has been hijacked by humor!  I can’t seem to get it right!  Now, when I say get it right, I mean be “centered”, not to the right. Again, another bad pun. I need to stop writing right now…

Here’s to another year full of unpredictable but  delightful moments.  Let’s all strive to “Get It Right”. 

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