For Here or To Go?

Avocado has an amazing ability to bring out the endorphins in me; it makes me “happy”. It’s like my own version of a 5 Hour Energy Drink. You either love it or have it and I am smitten, for sure.

Like most people, I have a few “regular places” that I go to for lunch and I have my routine down when ordering. First words are  TO GO, then I mention my order and ADD GUACAMOLE.

The order taker repeated the order to me and asked,  “You want that guacamole on the side, right?” I replied, “No, I want it on the entrée I ordered.”

She became more inquisitive, “For here or to go?”  I replied, “To go.” 

She countered with a very intrigued, “You sure you want guacamole ON the potato?”   I confidently declared, “Yes, I want it ON the potato. I can appreciate the question. If I asked for avocado, I would ask it for it on the side. But if it’s guacamole, it goes ON the potato, please.”  Insert image of me smiling kindly,  knowing my guacamole fix was just moments away!

She nodded, “Okay, got it.”

I returned to the office to reveal my much-anticipated serving of feel-good guacamole, “on the side”… and not ON my potato!  I just shook my head. Hey, at least, it was in the bag. 

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