Baby Door Hanger

I bought a new phone on Father’s Day. It was my  first experience with smart phone technology. Needless to say, I just got my second replacement phone, yesterday. The person who was helping me was very nice but incredibly distracted.  In fact, he was not listening to a thing I said. Finally, I was passed off to someone else who was also very nice and assured me I was in great hands.

My biggest concern was that my contacts were on my phone. Why is this so important? I don’t talk to most of the people listed in my address book but I do text and I guess it’s a comfort to know that I can reach out to them if I want to.

She showed me my contacts and I noticed right away that one person wasn’t present.  She asked me who it was and I relayed that it didn’t matter “who” it was as much as the fact that the entry was not in my phone!  

“I can manually enter the number for you.” I told her I had those skills, too!  But, I would need to KNOW THE NUMBER to make that happen. That is why one needs the contacts to transfer over, NO?!

Ironically, I had only added three numbers in the past few weeks since I had the first replacement phone. Yes, that’s right, I replaced this phone not more than a month ago!

Two of the three numbers were listed. I have that kind of memory. But, again, I digress.

She does all sorts of trickery while she is answering the phone and talking to other people, mind you. Poof, the missing number appeared.

When I got home, I realized that many of my numbers were listed about four times! So, the deleting begins. I guess I will just have to write these numbers down in an old-fashioned phone book so I won’t have to deal with this silliness!

Why is it so hard to focus on what is going on in the moment? Think about it, when is the last time you had someone’s complete attention? We have internal dialogue in our head saying” I have to do this, I have to do that.” By engaging in that dialogue, some not-so-good things happen.

  •  You deliver mediocrity because you are not “all in”. 
  • People don’t get to experience the best version of you because you are a stressed out bag of nerves!
  •  Are you really enjoying right now; or are you too busy thinking what you have to do next?
  • Are you paying attention to the little things that are all around you?
  • There always seems to be some email or text that is more important than what is going on right in front of you.

    Baby Door Hanger

    Well, hello there, adorable little baby door hanger!  Look how peaceful she is chilling as she “hangs out” on the door! She has no worries.  She knows she will not be forgotten.  How can you be stressed out looking at this picture? You want to squeeze those cheeks and giggle!  If only we all could be so unstressed and snooze for a bit.  If this happened, maybe “our better version” would make appearances more frequently.


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  1. the baby door hanger simulates the womb…so she’s good. 🙂

    Lake Forest, CA USA

  2. very well done. and thanks for stopping by my little corner, too.

  3. Do they make doorhangers for adults? I’d like to crawl in there myself!

  4. I giggle every time I see this photo. She was oblivious that she was dangling by a door knob and remained completely calm! 🙂

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