Attack of the Gum Smack

There’s something very magical about watching a child make the perfect bubble with a wand and some soap. I know, you are thinking, where is the gum smack rant?  People don’t want to feel good when they read a blog about ranting.  They want angst.  They want to know someone else is worse off than themselves.  I mean, sure it could all be a “put on” but for a brief moment, you are transfixed by someone else’s overall state of  dishevelment and feel good. I get it and I’m happy to oblige. But, give me a second to build to it.  Much like the way a bubble gets made.  The bubble doesn’t just happen!

A Peaceful and Perfect Bubble

My niece made all of these bubbles a couple of summers ago. It was a peaceful and perfect afternoon.

Bubbles and Giggles Galore!

I would try to help and she would say, “No, I want to do it.”  Time passed and a bubble would disappear before barely being born and she put her hands over her head and said, “This is so frustrating!”

However, for me, it was stress-free as I was witnessing the transformation of little bubbles morph into monstrous and perfect ones.. Sure, just having quality bonding time with my niece is a delight to appreciate in itself.  Couple that with the tranquil element of watching the bubbles build and quietly dissolve from view without a sound.  Like I said, it’s quite magical…

Getting Caught in a Bubble

Now, let’s imagine that same perfect bubble being made of gum instead of soap and water.  And someone is smacking it and smacking it some more.  Please forgive me if you are one of them.  Call it gum cracking or gum popping.

I’m talking about YOU, the one making that noise over there! A  gum smacker.

The aforementioned gum smacker typically chews with his or her mouth ajar allowing the sound to be amplified.  It’s like having gum smacking in stereo, perhaps?

The gum gets smacked and then annoying little bubbles get “almost made” but are shattered promptly by the gum smacker. Perhaps it is mid-conversation and one will hear an encore performance of not just the “SMACK” but the many “POPS” of the baby bubbles being shredded and little shards of the gum disperse in the immediate area like a bad unprotected sneeze!

I know some very nice gum smackers! I know they are not bad people!  I truly think they don’t even know that they engage in this type of behavior because they may not know how loud the smacking is or they are just used to it and don’t think it’s a big deal?!  I’m not really sure.

At any rate, how does one deal with the attack of the gum smack if one is around them frequently? Offer a mint?  Put on some silencing headphones every time one is near?  Anything?!

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  1. Lauren-
    I really appreciate that there are still positive people like you in the world- who can enjoy the simple pleasures and blessings that God provides.

    Thanks for your thoughts and the respect you have for life.


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