2500 Clicks = Banter, Frolic and Virtual Balloon Drop

2500 Click Celebratory Virtual Balloon Drop!

This past Friday, I was just a few clicks away from getting to the coveted 2500 clicks.  I distracted many a co-worker and went on their browsers and typed in my address and set it up as their home page. He or she would come back to his or her desk and ask, “What is this?! I walked away with a confused look and went after my next colleague.

Surprisingly, I still needed some clicks so I called my brother and said, “Hey, I wrote about you a month ago, maybe you can read it today?” He obliged. 

Still needed a few clicks, so while at lunch, I talked up the blog to the person taking my order, and the people standing behind me in line. I reminded the postal carrier, UPS and FED EX delivery people that today was the day to click on my blog.

I went through my cell phone and texted every single cell phone number in there, “Today is the day to read the Rein Rant N’ Rave. P.S. HI! Miss you! Let’s talk soon, okay?! PPS, What? You don’t remember me? It’s Lauren. We went to FILL IN THE BLANK together.”

But I still wasn’t there so I reached out to my Facebook friends asking for their help to get me to this desired milestone.  Imagine that, within minutes of my request, my friends had me soaring past 2500! 

All sarcasm aside, YOU (my Facebook friends, unwilling colleagues, and everyone else) got me here, thank you! I looked at my stats today and giggled to see which posts have received the most clicks. Granted, my home page has received over 1700 so the posts were read more than this, of course. Detailed information is available on the “Rivetometer” page. 

The top click getters are:

Ice Cream Karma 42
1000 Views: Was It You? 34
It’s Hard to Have the Blues with 500 Views! 32
Wiffle Ball Wonderland 28
Pumpkinized 26
Which Character Makes Me Type A Post Without Even Trying? 25
Blue Shirt Tranquility 25
Grocery Shopping with Groucho 25

Ice Cream Karma was a huge turning point in this blog. It was when I realized that I had funny things going on right in front of me at work.  Nothing was offensive; just good fun. That is when the characters started to roll off my tongue (not literally) and the clicks went nuts. We (Funny Bone and Blue Cowboy) decided that I needed to have a vote to see who the favorite character was. During that time, I had 113 clicks in one day. It was huge. To this day, Chatty Starbucks‘ nostrils flare if I write about Funny Bone, but he did give me some fabulous material. The giggles were in large quantities and I am thankful for all those moments with all of my characters.

Wiffle Ball Wonderland represents serendipity.  Just as I had written “my take” on this poem that I had written for two brothers who lived two doors down from me, one of the brothers was writing “his take” on the poem. We both posted our blogs on Facebook at the same time. It was really cool!  Here is my neighbor’s version of my poem.

Pumpkinized surprises me that it has so many hits because it’s not even a month old.  But it represents a great weekend of my life, one that I worked very hard for, so I am happy it is doing well.  MVP patiently took a series of photos of us and got it right with that one.

Grocery Shopping with Groucho was an early post so I was not ready to release my true rant self yet.  I have no idea why it received so many hits.

Finally, my sentimental favorite, Blue Shirt Tranquility.  The standing joke at my office is watching my reaction whenever a guy wears blue, purple, or green. I get giddy, no joke. Color me calm is not an overstatement. I said it back then and I’ll say it now. I still thank any guy I see wearing blue, purple, or green.

Please accept my sincere expression of gratitude for stopping by the last 7 months.  Not sure what I have up my sleeve, going forward, but hopefully the giggles will still flow and this will still be a place where you want to go.

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