Are You Half Cloudy or Half Blue Sky?

Cloudy or Blue Sky?

I took this photo while on my lunch break today. I had already started the car but I looked up and was completely smitten with what was in front of me and just took the view in for a few minutes. This moment was right before the sun popped out.  It brings about some questions.

  • Is your mindset half cloudy or half blue sky?
  • Do you see a question mark or a 3?

I saw the blue sky trying to break through the shades of gray. However, how can one not appreciate the fascinating glow show that the clouds provide?

As far as the question mark or a 3.  I, myself, am full of questions right now with many facets of my life.  The economy, my work situation, my friend and foe situation, customer service experiences, you name it:  I have questions!  

In fact, while I was looking at the picture, I remember looking at the pile of paperwork on my desk and wondering what I should tackle first.  So, I see a question mark and if I told you to see a question mark, you can see it!

However, someone else told me it clearly represents a 3.  So then I thought, “Sure, it can be a 3.”  

  • The number of  paper cuts I got on my hand today. Subsequently, the number of bandages I had on my hand.
  • The number of “smartphones I have gone through since Father’s Day.  
  • The number of times I had to reboot my phone, today, to be able to hear someone talking on it!
  • The number of brawls I heard in my office today.  Subsequently, the number of times I laughed in relief  being thankful that I was not in the brawls. 
  • The number of times I thanked people for wishing me a Happy Anniversary at work today.
  • The number of times I called out,  “I am SO writing about you in the blog tonight!” 
  • The number of times I took sinus medicine today because I had a headache. 
I don’t have the correct answers to either of these questions. Does anyone?

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  1. I love this and I do see a 3. I also see a dragon…standing on his feet and his head/face/chin is the start of the 3 and how it extends outward is the dragon’s wings. He’s sitting/standing sideways.

    Lake Forest, CA USA

  2. Thanks, Sandi, it’s amazing what we can see in photos when we really look at them 😉 I do see the dragon now!

  3. Cloudy or Clear

    The sky is cloudy, and the truck is about to rear-end that car.

  4. Cloudy or clear, I can absolutely see that interpretation, too! And the truck probably rear-ended the car because the driver was so busy tweeting about how beautiful the sky was at that very moment!

  5. I always see images of people/things and imaginary characters in shadows, lights, and a variety of other things — especially wood!

    And of course, I see both the 3 and ? 🙂 PS. It’s a beautiful picture!

  6. I thought that photo was pretty fun to interpret, too, thanks! Today, I saw a 7 and at the bottom, Sandi sees a dragon but I can also see it as a duck! And, is that a toy poodle on the top left next to the blue sky up there? It’s amazing what people are coming up with when they look at this one 😉

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