Bad Boy and a Banana

I write about real people in my life on here and give them goofy nicknames. For example, my junior high crush, Bad Boy, recently popped into my mind.  

We actually worked on the same block for a few months this summer. It was pretty exciting to think he was so close and he could appear, at any moment.

He frequented the gas station, across my parking lot, many mornings for a cup of coffee and a really nutritious Twix bar.  Through conversation, we learned that we picked up our lunches from the same places, fed our vehicles at the same station, and traveled the same roads.  

Back in junior high, he called me many nicknames.  He gave me a different nickname for each year we shared at that school. The most vivid memory of the then-lad was when he played this prank on me.  It was lunch time and I was just about to devour the best part of the meal, dessert.  The cake was in my hand and I heard the familiar rebel rouser’s voice. Trouble is around the corner!

BB: “Lauren, FILL IN THE BLANK needs you to help with FILL IN THE BLANK.”

ME: STUPIDLY goes to check out the situation and returns to see Bad Boy eating my piece of cake.

In typical BULLY fashion, Bad Boy proceeded to SMOOSH ME ONTO AN OVERLY RIPE BANANA that he had conveniently  placed on my chair…..

Of all the buffoonish things in his book of trickery, even for him, this was over the top. I was traumatized for the rest of the day, to the amusement of the entire 8th grade class.  Not only did I smell like mashed banana but it was coupled with a constant reminder of his ruffian-like prank.

Sadly, despite our proximity to one another at work, all those weeks, we never ran into each other. We never even had lunch, despite many attempts to do so. A few weeks ago, just as I was crashing from my major high school reunion high, he wrote me via Facebook, that he no longer works there!

OUR impromptu reunion was a ruse!! As if I hadn’t been let down enough!  

Nonetheless, it was bittersweet. I have this memory of him as a young kid and it’s kind of surreal to think of him as a grown up now.  From my experience with him this past year, I know he hasn’t matured much but we are definitely different people now. As we go to press, our banter keeps us in tact, via Facebook.

To be fair,  he is a really good correspondent and certainly one of my favorites.  He still plays pranks on me when I am having bad days and in his own way, has been “there” for me, more than he hasn’t. 

If for some reason, the sarcastic deities collide and we bump into each other;   I’ve got a Twix bar and banana with Bad Boy‘s name on them. 


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  1. I think you two are meant to be together.

  2. Haha. He’d have to be able to catch me, first 😉

  3. He sounds like bad news to me. Consider yourself lucky!

  4. He reached out to me after he read this post and revealed that he had just Krazy Glued some poor girl’s lunch shut in a Tupperware container. Krazy Glue and Bad Boy do not mix! 🙂

  5. First off….”Bad Boy” is not so bad. Just a kid at heart. Pranks are fun at 8 and at 43. Love ya babe! Can’t wait to get you at 48! Hehehe!

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