Versatile Blogger Award: Giddy and Full of Gratitude

I would like to thank the blogging academy for giving me the opportunity for my ego to inflate and my heart soar with joy.  To my inner circle, who, ironically, “don’t get” my blog but constantly provide fuel to keep the creativity engine running, thanks for the tough love!

To my illusive fan-base that has grown in leaps and bounds (I have no idea why), so nice to see you and thank you for the validation!  Oh no, the closing music is playing and I haven’t even started to thank ALL the people who made this dream a reality. 

I have dusted off the perfect spot on my imaginary fireplace with a spotlight with blue, green and purple hues ready to be lit via solar power; illuminating the esteemed Versatile Blogger Award!

Why the excitement? 

Last week while eagerly reading the riveting words of my fellow bloggers, I saw that a writing star of our future, Derek Berry, had won the coveted “Versatile Blogger Award”.  I was drawn to the post, particularly that part where he passed on the award to me!  

At that moment, the Rein Rant n Rave Nation collectively breathed a sigh of relief and held a ticker tape parade in my honor!

What Does This Mean?!

I researched the concept because I was still unclear.  Do I celebrate the nomination nod or  accept the award. Many people assume the sale, including myself. So, here I am, a Versatile Blogger Award recipient, giddy and full of gratitude!  Remember Derek’s name because, although young, he has already written a book and he is going somewhere.  Thanks for thinking of me, Derek, and continue to make great servings of  “Word Salad”. 

Here are the rules:  1. Formally thank the person who gave me the award. 2. List 7 unknown things about me. 3. Pass this award on to 15 other blogs. 4. Alert the 15 bloggers of their victory!

Now, it is my turn to pay it forward by giving this award to 15 other blog superstars, in no particular order, who enrich my days with their words:

  1.  My blog mentor, The Good Greatsby. Paul Johnson is a comedian that somehow found himself in China. He is hysterical. He is the first blog I ever subscribed to because he wrote a witty comment on some other blog that I do NOT subscribe to. 
  2.  Mark Richardson, my childhood neighbor, has a blog that is very cerebral. I read it to feel smarter. He has a great post that includes a poem I wrote about him, years ago.  It turns out I was writing a post about the poem, too, and we posted at the same time; it was very cool.  For thoughts on reading and writing from Mark’s point of view, click on Mark’s blog. 
  3.  My friend from college, Roger, writes very thoughtful posts. I love the name of his blog, too. When I am looking to tap into my deep side, I read Oatmeal in a Bowl.
  4.  Another funny and feel-good blog that I discovered early in my blogging career, written by lively Sandi, is called Ahhsome.
  5.  I stumbled onto this blog when she had a great sounding drink recipe:  A Twist and a Shake.  Please tell me, why do I have no ice in the fridge right now?
  6.  Although I am a beer ignoramus, fortunately a couple of friends of mine via my sister-in-law’s step-brother, aren’t.  For the buzz on beer, I defer to Mark and Shaun.  
  7.  I found this blog because Erin, the blogger, wrote a post about leaving Facebook for two months and it caught my eye; the blog shows her journey since signing off from Facebook. Goingcycle.
  8.  Lesley Carter liked one of my posts awhile back, so I learned about her experiences as she travels the world, while pregnant.  For her adventure, check out Lesley Carter.
  9.  I started following this blog because my blog mentor had a guest post on it.  It is sharp and witty and a good read: Educlaytion.
  10.  Eldon introduced himself to me recently and his blog makes me laugh: Awkward Eldon.
  11.  A constant supporter of my blog, Michael, has a great outlook on life: Have a Dream. 
  12. I don’t like cats but I do enjoy the entertaining thoughts of  CoffeeKat.
  13. You want perky, go see Renxkyoko’s Space
  14.  Im on the band wagon.  (Get in on the tour action of this band on the go!)
  15.  Doug’s Brain – funny! 

I now have to let these 15 winners know they are Versatile Blogger Award recipients.  Some of them probably have so many awards that they have run out of room to display them, but they get the nod from me, nonetheless. Thank you for entertaining me!

I have to write 7 things that NOBODY knows about me.  (That is a work in progress AND if I write those 7 things down here, it will no longer be true.  RIGHT?)

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  1. Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  2. You’re tons of welcome!

  3. Oh. my. gosh ! This is indeed an honour. ! ! Yay \(^__^)/ Thank you. Thank you ! !

    Here’s to us…. CHEERS ! ! !

  4. Thanks for the recognition. I love these awards because I always get introduced to new bloggers that I never knew. That is a treat in itself. I love your blog even if you don’t like cats!

  5. Congratulations, Warmest Wishes and “Thank You” for nominating me. I had the award last month. Once again, “Thank You” and God Bless. !!!

  6. Nice one Lauren, it’s always nice when someone appreciates the things you post.

  7. His writing is pretty funny. Rolo’s and horses do NOT mix. It reminds me of a traumatic experience i had with Now and Laters…do not bite down on a brand new now and later…not funny!

  8. I’d like to thank all the little people. The little, little, little people.

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