Cookie Exchange Chaos

A couple of weeks ago, I was bullied into making a sweet “holiday” treat for our cookie exchange at work.  This thought stressed me out, greatly. In fact, I announced on Facebook that I would not be participating and Aimless went nuts!  Peer pressure took over and the comments were endless. 

Fortunately, a friend, Rosey,  invited me over for a cookie-making baking party. Another friend, Chatty Starbucks,  came up with my recipe while still another friend, Bootsie,  executed the hard parts for me.  

Like mixing the eggs into the brownie mix – correctly.  Or pounding down the batter so it was all even and getting it into two pans equally. Or cracking the egg so that the shell didn’t get into the batter.  I looked at Bootsie cracking the eggs without any worry that a shell would get into the mix. That is risky behavior, my friends! 

Meanwhile, I was drinking a beer and munching down some guacamole and carrots.  Like I said, a rough night. Here is photo proof;  sweet sweat equity in action.

It's Snowing Powdered Sugar on those Candy Cane Kiss Brownies!

The party ran late, and as people know, I tend to “pumpkinize”, so I had to leave before the brownies were completely cool. The selfless hostess offered to cut and plate them for me and take them to work!  Yes, I am spoiled!

Someone pointed out that I needed to provide a recipe for the exchange.  That would prove troublesome as it was a box of brownie mix and Hershey Candy Cane Kisses. So, my creativity and sarcasm came back for a visit. 

How To Make Something Out Of Nothing

Please note: I am not kidding about the crooked shelf.  Bootsie had been very careful to make the two pans equal of the mix and flat.  They came out like a ski slope!  We looked and found out that the tray was not completely on the track. But, again, I think it was the perfect touch to make these treats look truly “homemade”. 

Yesterday was the big day.  Twelve people brought in their treats and Aimless transformed the depressing lunch room into a warm and cozy holiday cookie exchange stage. Please note in photo below that Aimless had her toffee squares, neatly placed in bags at the end of the table. For a sentimental touch, she made a photo copy of the very recipe that her Grandma had written out years ago.  

Truth be told, I envy her sentimentality.  This time of year is hard for me because it makes me think of MY Grandma who baked all sorts of cookies and it’s a constant reminder that I won’t be getting her tasty Norwegian Rosettes, among other goodies. 

Now, each of you take three and move on!

However, there may not have been Rosettes, but  there were Thin Mints, Oreo Truffles, Turtle Pretzels, Russian Tea Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Haystacks, Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies, Toffee Squares, Apricot Squares and Sugar Cookies that were expertly decorated, Espresso Scones  – are you salivating? 

Aimless let me borrow a tin and I put all of these delicious sweet treats into it and started driving home.  Alas, a stop light…and the tin took a dive on the passenger floor. All of the cookies would never get to be tasted because they had been soiled! A fine way to avoid the fat, for sure! By the time, I was able to pull over, the only ones that had not hit the floor were mine! 

So…would you eat these cookies? 

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  1. I would eat the Toffee Squares for sure!!!

  2. My husband would have eaten them all.

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