2011 Greatest Hits

Here we are on day 2 of 2012.  Here are  some positive takeaways from 2011, in no particular order:

  • My dad earned two different professor of the year awards!
  • My great-uncle turned 98!
  • I rode 56 miles on my bicycle on 9/11…for fun! 
  • I spent lots of quality time in the gym. Thankfully, it is only a few blocks away.
  • I planned and executed a successful and very enjoyable high school reunion…with my two co-pilots.
  • I re-connected with much-missed chums from grade school!  From high school, too!
  • I am employed. 
  • I totally missed the 11-11-11 connection with “This is Spinal Tap.”  I was already fascinated with 11-1-11!  Today is 1-2-12, where is the ticker tape parade for that? 😉 
  • I had a makeover. Under duress, a friend from work dragged me to the makeup chair at lunch.  Okay, the eyeliner is pretty awesome and who knew you could do that cool thing with brows.
  • My blog debuted in March and finally took off and won an award! 
  • While looking for stamps in a drawer, I found an old traveler’s cheque worth $100 and a stash of gift cards that I had forgotten about!
  • I bought a Nook, thanks to that traveler’s cheque, and have already borrowed some books from the library on it. 
  • Facebook: you pick me up and put me back down!

What Do Kids Think, Anyway? 

  • My nephew and I were sitting at the table in the kitchen. I was a bit distracted. He looked at me and asked, “What’s on your mind?” I was impressed with his depth but didn’t answer.  He attempted again, “Why are you being so quiet?” Embarrassed, I laughed and he finished with, “What is wrong?”  I can only imagine what thoughts will emerge when he turns four!  How wonderful if all adults were that perceptive!
  • I saw my six-year-old niece and was about to give her a big hug. She ordered, “Don’t tickle me.”  I walked away and said, “Okay”.  She ran up to me and said, “No, when I say don’t tickle me; that means I want you to tickle me.” 

2011 had some great moments, no doubt.  

However, in the bigger picture, it was a test for everyone.  

2012 HAS to be better for ALL of us. 

Happy New Year!





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  1. It was great to see you at the reunion and you did an amazing job! Happy New Year and may 2012 continue to be as wonderful. I look forward to my Rein rant and Rave 🙂

  2. Happy New Year to you, too. Make 2012 DAZZLE.

  3. Sounds like 2011 was a GREAT year for you and your family!

  4. Yes, Kate, I guess when you look at all the good things, it was a victory;-) I hope 2012 is much less stressful, though – for all of us!

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