Once is Great; Twice is Better!

Time has moved on since my last post. I wish I could say that I have been absorbed in fun and frolic but things have been piling up including various servings of unwanted mind screw mush, causing a back log in my creative output.

I wrote that back on July 5 and have no clue what I what was writing about.

I love looking back at my drafts! I guess it is better to write it down and wonder what one was thinking versus completely losing the memory when one doesn’t write it down.

Talk about burying the lead!  How could I have not talked about this?  Robin from Help for the Heart kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award on January 2! That is a pretty nice way to start the new year, no?! 

What Does This Mean?!

My riveted fan base formed another memorable ticker tape parade in my honor (and in my mind) and I am humbled. For most, the parade would be enough.  But, I must add the exclamation point, which is I  running down the hallways of  the Internet assuming my second Versatile Blogger Award, as I proudly throw my fists up in the air! 

I know, Robin used the word nominated, but again I am assuming the sale.  Thanks to her, I am a two-time winner and I do not take that title lightly.  Please see an earlier post for clarification on what the big buzz is all about.  I assure you that I am still giddy and full of gratitude.  Thank you so much, Robin!  

Speaking of riveted followers:  the Rein Rant N’ Rave is taking  Twitter by storm!  Well, not really. I DO have followers, though, even after I take out all of those spammers and dirty website folks. Baby steps!  

I’m in deep search of a catchy hashtag.   I mean, once I figure out what a hashtag is. To my Twitter experts out there, what should it be?!

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  1. Congrats! You deserve the award more than twice! I am fairly sure I also nominated you but didn’t tell you (can’t you read my mind??) About Twitter — a dear friend said I needed to “tweet” to expand my readership. Oh dear, another thing to learn. I opened up a twitter follower to see if I should “follow” and it was a porno site. So were the next three I opened up. I gave up on Twitter. Hope you have better luck. Look out for sweet cheeks!

    • I have a twitter account. I never use it and somehow I have 600+ followers. I started following people, and from there they all start clicking “follow” and then they get a follower who then goes through their list and starts “following” those people, hoping in return they follow you back…all just to increase their numbers for marketing status.

      I tried commenting on people ‘s tweets. Rarely do they visit you back, and all my blog posts automatically post to Twitter. No one reads them. Not once have I gotten traffic from twitter on my site stat page.

      What I’m saying is, don’t worry about Twitter unless you want to learn and maybe your experience will differ, but don’t expect readership to increase on your blog. People on Twitter are more interested in marketing their product/themselves/service. Unless your advertising for them, now they might have an interest in you. They are all about numbers.

  2. Oh, hey, congratulations ! Lots of awards ! But you really deserve it !

    Here’s to you…. CHEERS !

  3. I forget about the awards and have had few of them myself. It seems they have traveled far and wide. I’ve only done one post and kind of forgot about the other nominations. I feel badly. Anyway, obviously, you deserve the honor. congrats.

    I think we’re supposed to place the buttons on our blog somewhere so people can see if you’ve already been given one (many of us follow the same blogs) and duplication happens. However, I feel those buttons clutter everything. There are so many awards out there…and assuming you’ve earned them all (which eventually you will) you’ll be wondering where they will fit. many people dedicate an entire page to their awards. 🙂

    Lake Forest, CA

  4. Thanks Kate, I did see your post and put it on Facebook, I loved the write up!

  5. Thank you, Renx! Always enjoy your posts!

  6. Yes, Sandi, you do have a few awards because I know that I nominated you for one 😉 I saw that badge thing but I agree, I have no space! Some day if I become multiple-award winning, maybe a page will be born! As for Twitter, I am still trying to figure it out but, at least, it gives me the opportunity to rant in snippets 🙂

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