You, Sir, Are a Rude Dude!

Dear Voracious Readers:

Sometimes I wish I could just throw the letters from a Scrabble game on the table and see what words develop to inspire my next post. I got hooked on Scrabble on New Year’s Eve. I have always liked puzzles, so this wasn’t too surprising. I’m not going to lie, it’s much more entertaining with alcohol in one’s system, but I digress.

I am fortunate enough to live a few blocks away from the movies.  For the most part, the viewing experience is a wonderful escape.  However, I can think of two times that standout as somewhat uncomfortable. 

The first one when I saw “War Horse” with my mom.  It was a full house.  I had volunteered to move over a couple of seats so that a woman and her mom could sit together.  I got the seat with the gum.  But, mom assured me it was there from an earlier movie we saw so it shouldn’t be sticky.  So much for doing a good deed!

Although, it was kind of funny because someone ended up spilling popcorn on her and if I hadn’t moved, that would have been me or my mom…but I digress, once again.

The previews start and to my left, I hear the daughter, probably in her 30s, uttering the most annoying sweet sigh as if one was watching “Bambi” for the first time. My mom and I exchanged amusing glances after the first sigh.  

Meanwhile, on the other side of us in the back of the theatre, I could hear a symphony of disgusting noises.  Snorting, coughing and other unpleasantries.  We really thought this guy was going to be somewhat repulsive.  Sometimes when we heard a noise, my mom and I grabbed each other’s arm in comfort as if we were watching a horror show.  

This Person Should Have Been in the ER!


But, no, then comes the balance of the saccharine sigher on my left. Every time there was a moving moment in the film, “Awwww.”  Shut up, please, both of you! Oops, I didn’t mean to write that just now. However, in all seriousness, the hacker should have been at the hospital not at the movie.  Oh…and when we got up and turned around, it was a woman!  The sigher should have been at a cartoon, or in one?

Last night, I went to see “Man on the Ledge”. Enjoyable viewing experience, for sure.  However, I was a bit taken aback when the tall lad in the row behind me tossed his feet over the chair to my left!!  I was baffled.

Who does that? Seriously, I am not in your private viewing room and I am not going to gnaw your foot.  But, it was tempting.

Looking back, I could have grabbed his foot and tossed HIM over the seat.  But, I didn’t.

I could have posted on Facebook, “OMG, rude dude at movie, I can almost taste his foot, LOL.”  But that would have been rude to use my phone during the movie, so I didn’t .  Also, you will never hear me say OMG or LOL, let alone write it with any amount of sincerity.  

I could have sent a Tweet to the movie theatre but then I wold have been escorted out of the movie for using my cell phone, so that was out.

I could have turned around and instead of looking at him with that “Up Yours disgusted look”,  I could have said something like “Move your feet!”  But, I didn’t. I think I was just in shock.

The feet tosser’s brazen action has earned him the privilege of being this week’s recipient of: “You, Sir, Are a Rude Dude”!

Move Your Feet or I will Move Them For You!


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  1. I hate movies for these reasons. However, we have had some very big stadium seating style theaters that have opened up in the past couple years. You don’t get the foot thing or the kicking thing. If you go for a matinee and it’s not crowded, it’s just wonderful!

    • I typically go to the first matinee on the weekend because it’s half-price and less crowded, for that very reason! We have stadium seating but he still can get the feet over…so buffoonish! 🙂

  2. Ah ! And that’s the reason I seldom go to the cinema. MAnd that’s the reason why Mom bought a big HDTV, with complete sensurround to simulate the theatre sound, but so much better at home,. And popcorn at home is so much cheaper too ! Eh.

  3. I’ve learned alcohol makes all board games more fun, but ultimately decreases my ability to win those board games.

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