That Time I Met Nick Carter and the Backstreet Boys

Earlier this week, Nick Carter known as a “Backstreet Boy”, lost his 25-year-old sister.  The first headline I read was written a bit awkwardly and I thought that Nick had died.  I was stunned as I met him in the summer of 2008. When I realized it was his sister who died and not Nick, I was still shocked to hear of this tragedy and my condolences go out to his family.

In August of 2008, my dad asked me to go with him to Ravinia, a beautiful venue located in a north shore suburb of  Chicago that offers concerts during the summer. When he told me that we would be seeing Backstreet Boys, I was surprised that my dad wanted to go. My dad had connections,  so we got backstage passes to meet them before the show.

This pass has been on my bag since I met BSB on 8/24/08.

By the time BSB had made their mark in music, I was out of college but it was still very exciting to watch the chaos of the excited girls who were out of their minds with delight to be around BSB. I had never seen so many people at Ravinia before.  Weeping girls. All of these girls were very envious of me as I sauntered my way backstage. 

Before the show, we met all of them.  My dad, a college professor, brought one of his assistants with us and she was giddy beyond belief.  BSB was her generation and she was truly thrilled. I took a picture of her and one of the BSB and she was flipping out from excitement.

I didn’t have my picture taken because I didn’t even think of it. I know, weird. I am usually the first one to get out the camera and photograph the moment but that was before I got into Facebook and didn’t realize that I could take a picture on my phone and send it via text to anyone as an email. If I was on Facebook, my photo would have been on there within seconds of it being taken. What a difference a few years makes!

While I didn’t talk much to Nick Carter beyond, “hi there” or maybe it was, “hey”, I did meet him. Brian Littrell talked to us the most and he was incredibly engaging and generous with his time.  It was a nice moment in time and probably one  I didn’t appreciate as much as I should have.  I’m usually the enthusiastic cheerleader, if not, star struck, but I felt that I was a little out of my element and admit that we left the concert early as it was “too loud”.  Remember, there were squealing girls everywhere.  All of them wanted to be gazing into the eyes of BSB, like I was. Who are we kidding, even Elvis would have been scared of those girls!

Since that meeting, I have had a soft spot for BSB.  I sing along with their song, “I Want It That Way”, when it plays.  It’s easy to do because it is on my Ipod. Somehow, Nick and the boys always make sure that I am on key.

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  1. It’s a shame what the sister of Nick Carter, the truth is it’s sad that this happens to a girl of only 25, but that family always had problems, just hid it and made ​​believe everyone together they were when I was upside down. They were far from idyllic family.

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