Camp Douglas Smith Diaries: Part 1

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, which means absolutely nothing to me. So I am focusing energy on one of my other projects.  I have two projects going on that require a blog, Twitter, and Facebook activity which seems to be my “thing” lately, so it has been fun.

My grade school is turning 75 in a few years and that has been keeping me busy with the daunting task of finding 75 years worth of students! However, now my energy is on my camp reunion that happens in  June.  Yikes!! Pressure!  

I have designated myself camper membership development and promotion chair. THIS is a big challenge because I have no roster to work from!  I have to find boys and girls. I have 153 of them on the Facebook page but there were certainly more campers than that over the years. 

Camp Douglas Smith is located in Northern Michigan on Lake Hamlin.  The details that people remember about their camp experience is amazing to me so I decided that I better read about my moments at camp through my letters that I wrote to my family while I was there.  Below is part 1 of a visual snippet of my two-year stint at Camp Douglas Smith. 

During my childhood, I was an avid stationery collector.

To this day, I do not have a good flash light.

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  1. Awwwww ! That is so cute and charming ! ! Don’t you sometimes wish you could go back in time, and relive all that innocence ? Really sweet !

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